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How Democrats Ruined the NFC Championship Game

by Resurgent Insider Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Did you watch the NFC championship game the other day?

Lucky you. If you get your TV through DISH Network and live in any number of media markets around the country, you weren’t able to watch because for months now, a major sports blackout has been underway preventing DISH subscribers from getting access to a bunch of sports coverage. 

Just days ago, when this blackout kept viewers from watching the NFC championship, the topic blew up on Twitter. This was not surprising, since it appears that DISH customers have been being charged for sports coverage they’re not getting at the same time that DISH has been refusing to pay for that coverage. 

Who’s at fault here? DISH is saying it’s Fox, because they want to charge too much money for retransmission consent fees (the price DISH pays to show the sports content in question). 

But you’ll be shocked to know that as with so many things these days, Democrats are involved.

Not content to just screw up health care or take American culture down a hell hole, liberals are ruining football now (or again, if you like).

It turns out, DISH’s Chairman, Charlie Ergen, is a massive Democrat donor. According to American Commitment’s Phil Kerpen:

Ergen has made personal political contributions in excess of over $1.2 million – tilted overwhelmingly toward Democrats.  And an anonymous whistleblower complaint accused Ergen of requiring high-level executives at Dish to regularly contribute to Democratic candidates.  The Federal Elections Commission refused to act on the complaint because the whistleblower was anonymous, but the allegation was corroborated by the fact that these executives all had contributions to the company’s PAC automatically deducted from their payroll for years.

Ergen’s DISH is arguably engaging in deceptive trade practices here, by virtue of charging customers for content they’re not actually getting. In a similar case to this, Colorado’s Democratic Attorney General pushed for refunds to be offered to consumers.

But you’ll be shocked to know, a bunch of Democratic AGs have been totally silent about the DISH blackout. 

Maybe that’s because it has tended to affect a lot of Trump country and Trump voters (see the list of impacted networks here), and hit teams whose fans tend to be more Republican than not (think “NHL fans”). 

Maybe it’s because Ergen is part of the Democratic “tribe,” and Democrats don’t want to upset a big donor. 

In any event, it’s interesting that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra isn’t speaking up about this when he’s happy to sue over just about anything, the 49ers were playing in the game that apparently lots of people couldn’t watch, and reportedly, Californians who pay DISH can’t get Fox Sports West. 

Neither is Hawaii Attorney General Clare Connors, despite Hawaii being home to a ton of people who have relocated or flown in for the winter from the San Francisco area and who again currently can’t get Fox Sports West if they’re with DISH. 

And neither is Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, even though the Packers– again– were in the game

Will this affect the Super Bowl? Originally, we thought “yes,” and directly so. Now, it appears Americans may be spared that misery by DISH.

But a lot of the pain to-date could have been avoided if Attorneys General from the party that supposedly stands up for the average American would have a word with one of their big benefactors and tell him not to mess with people’s football. 

Or, you know, take an interest in what average Americans, rather than the oft-stereotyped coastal elites, will be doing on February 2nd.

UPDATE: There’s more… we are told that DISH’s “meh” attitude about avoiding blackouts could also be about to hit baseball fans. DISH has thus far refused to cut a deal with regional sports networks that carry Major League Baseball games. If that situation persists, it will be a really big deal, and something that ires tons of Americans of all different philosophical stripes, probably to the point of a bunch of DISH subscribers dropping them in favor of another cable or satellite provider (you have to think DirecTV will be happy to scoop up any and all DISH customers it can).


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