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Democrat Media Complex Stews Over Impeachment Impartiality…of Republicans Only

ABC News is very concerned. Extremely concerned. So concerned that they felt the need to lead off their national news broadcast last Thursday night addressing it.

And what is this pressing unease they are experiencing? They just aren’t convinced that the Republicans in the Senate are going to be impartial when it comes to President Trump’s impeachment. Impartial – you know, like the Democrats were in President Clinton’s impeachment, or like the Democrats were in the House impeachment circus the last few months, or like the Democrats in the Senate are sure to be.

It is simply breathtaking that ABC thinks no one in the general public will notice how their partiality fears only break one way. Correspondent Mary Bruce logged the story for the network, reporting that,

“The senators then signing that [impartiality] pledge, one by one. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer echoing its words with a warning to Republicans who’ve already vowed to stand by the President.”

I could, of course, be forgetting, but I don’t remember Mary’s hand-wringing report about the impartiality of House Democrats as they weighed impeaching the President, despite the fact that many of them had already stated publicly their desire to remove him from office.

The ones who promised voters that they would, “impeach the mother ******.”

Or the ones who pretend to be so solemn about their “reluctant duty” to impeach, but then burst into jubilant applause when the votes are cast.

Or the Speaker who talks about how sad and serious this moment is, while breaking out big grins and commemorative pens when signing the papers.

And maybe it’s in the works, but I don’t remember Mary demonstrating any anxiety over the four sitting Democrat Senators who are running against Trump for president and who are all going to be involved in voting at his trial. We are apparently just to assume their impartiality because they’re Democrats.

Meanwhile, NBC is up to the same nonsense, interviewing a delighted and triumphant Kamala Harris about the “serious and solemn” occasion they now face in the Senate. Harris was asked whether the Senate was capable of conducting a fair trial. She responded,

“If the United States Senate cannot conduct a fair trial then we can talk about the beginning of the end to our democracy and our system of justice.”

What a load of bull. I’ll give you one guess how the media will measure the supposed “fairness” of this trial. Luckily, virtually everyone knows and anticipates it these days, so the bias doesn’t land nearly as effectively as it once did. Not that it will stop them from trying.


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