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Flashback: Then-State Senator Northam Voted for Law He Likely Violated with Emergency Declaration

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

In a new injunction jointly filed by Gun Owners of America and Virginia Citizens Defense League to challenge Executive Order 49, Governor Ralph Northam, as state senator, apparently voted in favor of HR 20.

This is the law he just violated by designating certain areas of Capital Square as a “shelter” to prevent legal carrying of firearms leading up to Lobby Day in our state capital.

According to the roll call vote in winter 2012, Northam—along with now Attorney General Mark Herring—voted “Yea” on the Senate version of HR 20 (Emergency Services and Disaster Law; constitutional rights of citizens to keep and bear arms). It’s codified in law as  § 44-146.15 . (Read more on the emergency declaration in my recent article on the subject.)

Here’s Northam’s vote on the record in the affirmative.

I explained more on Twitter:

I also noted that even new House Speaker Filler-Corn voted “Yea” in 2012.

How ironic.


A Virginia judge denied the injunction

And Gun Owners of America will appeal the case to the Virginia Supreme Court.


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