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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – Here’s What The Media Has Gotten Wrong So Far

The Erick Erickson Show: (877) 973-7425

The Erick Erickson Show: (877) 973-7425You can call in and be a part of the program at 877-973-7425 every weekday between 9am and noon ET. The show is sponsored by First Liberty of Georgia ( and Dynamic Money (

Posted by Erick Erickson on Monday, January 6, 2020

The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here is the plan today.

Hour 1

  1. What the media has gotten wrong so far
    1. NY Times story
    2. CBP round ups
    3. Iraq Parliament
  2. President on Iraq withdrawal and Iran response
    1. 35 targets including cultural areas
      1. War Crime
    2. Will sanction Iraq if they push us out
    3. Media meltdown
  3. Media defending Obama era
    1. Kerry admitted terrorist groups would be funded
    2. Obama Admin scuttled law enforcement action against Hezbollah
  4. Joe Lieberman weighs in
    1. Son Matt Lieberman is running for Senate in Georgia
  5. Media questions intelligence while laughing Trump believed it
    1. Tying it to impeachment
  6. Joe Biden and Bin Laden
  7. Whistleblower as source?
  8. Colin Kaepernick and Nike
    1. Woke atheletes who say nothing about China suddenly have an opinion

Hour 2

  1. Soleimani review
  2. Judge rules against Abrams group on voters
  3. Loeffler sworn in today by VP
  4. Kemp and the legislature
    1. healthcare
    2. teacher salaries
    3. tough on crime
      1. Criminal justice reform dying
      2. Matt Bevin pardons
  5. Jon Ossoff raised $1 million
    1. Perdue raised $2.4 million
  6. Chick-fil-a Headline in Macon Telegraph
    1. “Macon’s first Chick-fil-A will close while it’s torn down and rebuilt in 2020”
  7. E-Scooter legislation coming

Hour 3 

  1. The Methodist Church Split
    1. Cultural upheaval
    2. Polling Evangelicals
      1. Self-Described vs actually go to church
        1. Ethnic identifier
    3. Witness v Holy Spirit
  2. Tik Tok
  3. Australian Fires
    1. Climate Change v. Political agitation
    2. Conservatives weren’t supposed to win
    3. Media in Australia is as leftist as American media
  4. Biden’s race to lose
  5. Media bias
  6. Masculinity crisis


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