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Jews Must Be Armed and Ready

Christians: If you want to buy your Jewish friends a Chanukah gift, buy them a gun and a range pass to learn how to use it. You might save some lives.

Anti-semitism is not going away, in fact it’s increasing worldwide. American Jews, who enjoy the same 2A rights as everyone else, are less likely, by more than half, to own a gun than non-Jews. Most American Jews are staunch gun-control advocates, according to my personal interactions with my family, and this study. They are as wrong as they can be.

New York is the home of more Jews, especially Orthodox Jews, than anywhere on Earth outside of Israel. And New York boasts a rising, troubling rate of hate crimes, ranging from name-calling, to punches, stabbings, and attempted mass shootings, targeted against Jews. In case you missed it, five were stabbed Saturday night at a Rabbi’s home in Monsey, NY, while celebrating Chanukah.

The problem here is more than just the raw hatred some feel against Jews. That problem is demonic in nature, and related to the Jews status as God’s chosen people. I know, not everyone’s theology lines up with the Jews’ (and Israel’s) place in eschatology, but mine does, and I believe I have enough New Testament support to make that stick. (Go read Romans chapter 11, especially verse 28, which says in part “God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.” The Church has not ever replaced the Jews, but has been grafted in to their root.)

Therefore, anti-Semitism will always be here, since it’s (a) a result of sin, especially jealousy, and (b) a priority of satan, whose special hatred for the Jews has manifested through the ages. No matter how much Jews are raised and trained to solve problems, create win-win situations, and diffuse conflict (often by initiating intellectual conflict and carrying through the arguments), Jew hatred will always make its irrational entry, with blood as its goal and reward.

But that “let’s reason” thought process tends to lend too much credit and responsibility for protecting Jews to non-Jewish authorities, as has happened again in Monsey:

“The community is genuinely scared and people are very confused. Many parents have asked whether they should send their children to school tomorrow. People are confused and people are scared,” Aron Wieder, a Rockland County lawmaker and himself an Orthodox Jew, told Haaretz.

Wieder said he was promoting several measures together with local law enforcement authorities to make the community feel safer, including more cameras and security in public places such as synagogues and school. However, he added that “anything you do is not going to be 100 percent proof.

“We need to collectively get county leaders to denounce the hate,” Wieder continued. “I think there is much hatred on social media: It used to be people who post anonymously; now people don’t even hide their hateful rhetoric on social media.

Five Stabbed in New York Attack on Rabbi’s Home During Hanukkah Celebration, Haaretz, December 29, 2019

The police cannot protect every Jew in New York, or New Jersey, or anywhere. Jews must protect themselves. Jews must carry guns and train to be prepared to use them. I realize this will incite some to organize against armed Jews, but I say good–let the cockroaches come out into the light, so they can be stamped out under our boots.

I also refer you also to my friend Josh Hammer’s excellent piece from April in the Daily Wire.

The simple reality is that Jews, who are the most systemically and consistently persecuted group of human beings in the history of the human race, have more reasons to want to train with firearms, become proficient with firearms, own firearms, and carry firearms than do anyone else. Jews, who for millennia have been demographic minorities in every land except for the modern State of Israel itself, ought to be uniquely willing and eager to take advantage of the protections secured by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As the old adage goes, “God created man and Sam Colt made them equal.” Jews who were properly armed instead of forced to live at the behest of gun-grabbing tyrannical oppressors could have better resisted any number of pogroms and atrocities committed throughout history.

We are seeing nationwide, and in New York especially, a slow-motion pogrom perpetrated by those who hate Jews. When the media sees fit to report the stories, it’s because the perpetrators line up with their preferred narrative. Otherwise, it gets buried.

Wake up, people! Jews, wake up! The media is not your friend. Democrats and Republicans are not your friends. They only use you for your value to their agendas. I think President Trump is actually a friend to Jews, given that a large part of his family are practicing, Orthodox Jews. However, Trump also uses the most disgusting, virulent Jew haters to advance his own quest for political power, and revels in their mindless worship of him. Paraphrasing Peggy Noonan, who borrowed this phrase and applied it to Ronald Reagan: Trump is like the Staten Island ferry, big, unstoppable, and bringing all the garbage along in its wake.

Not the local police, not Governor Cuomo, not President Trump, not the Democrats or Republicans, and not Israel will take out the trash for American Jews. If American Jews want the trash taken out, it will need to be done by the gun-barrel, and wielded by Jews who are willing to defend themselves.

Of course, American Jews could always move to Israel, but that is also problematic. First, not all American Jews, many of whom are assimilated out of the faith, are eligible for Aliyah. Second, American Jews are Americans, not Israelis. Being Jewish is not equivalent to being Israeli. It’s simply not a solution.

Jews could also recruit those who honor them, such as many evangelical Christians, to protect them. But again, anti-Semitism is a disease that does not discriminate based on Biblical belief. Martin Luther himself was a huge friend of the Jewish community, trying to understand them and share the Gospel. But later in life, his bitterness at not being fully trusted by a community that refuses to assimilate or change its beliefs one iota changed him into a virulent anti-Semite. His vitriol was used by none other than the Nazis to stir up hatred.

The only solution here is for American Jews to celebrate their own right to self-defense, take up arms for self-protection, and actively use those arms to defend their lives, and the lives of those they love.

Christians: If you want to buy your Jewish friends a Chanukah gift, buy them a gun and a range pass to learn how to use it. You might save some lives.


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