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By Giving Democrats Everything They Want, Trump Nullified His Own Impeachment

It's really hard to maintain the outrage over Trump's unfitness when all these things are copacetic. Democrats have canceled their own ability to take credit for anything positive, and in fact have confined themselves to wishing doom and gloom. That's no way to win an election.

Kevin Williamson recently called President Trump “an ordinary failure.” In a piece that may echo past the 2020 election, Williamson wrote that instead of painting Trump as a Nazi (as they have for every recent Republican president), they could simply run against him as a failure. That, of course, recommends two things: (1) Democrats would have to nominate someone palatable to the American public in immigration policy and economics; and (2) they’d have to lay down their impeachment drums.

As much as Williamson is correct and should be listened to, it’s highly unlikely (nay, impossible) that Democrats are going to do either of those things. At this point, even if they did, and they focused on Trump’s failure to keep even a fraction of his campaign promises, the president would use it to his own advantage, and turn the tables on Democrats. See, in order to get anything at all done in Congress, Trump has had to bow to the Democrats’ wishes in every single thing.

He’s not built his wall, because Democrats would not fund any of it, even to the point of having the government shut down. He’s not trimmed the deficit; in fact he’s ballooned it past the Mansa Musa-rivaling excesses of the Obama years. He’s not drained the swamp, other than purging fiscally sound, liberty-minded free traders from his own party. His USMCA trade deal is chock full of concessions to Democrats. Every budget Trump has signed is practically a gift to the bluest of blue states.

But instead of declaring Trump to be a huge win for Democrats and thanking him for advancing their causes, while reminding Republican voters of his failures, Democrats have continued to beat the “unfit” drums, that have sounded so often and so constantly during the past four years (including the 2016 campaign) that nobody hears them anymore.

Now the Democrats have impeached Trump for doing something he shouldn’t have done, but arguably doesn’t rise to the level of removal from office. There’s been no “smoking gun” of all the alleged heinous crimes laid at Trump’s feet since he took office. The whole process was anticlimactic, and now Speaker Pelosi has no idea how to exit from the box canyon her script writers have written her party into.

With the latest budget, Trump has filled the swamp by pandering to the largest self-interest voting bloc in the country: a 3.1% pay raise and paid parental leave for federal workers. Democrats could say they fought for this increase, but Trump has spoken out long before Democrats would be able to declare victory. But it’s another trillion dollars added to the national debt.

Trump has run as a Republican, only in the sense that it’s the party he chose. But he governs like a Democrat.

The Democrats, by impeaching Trump and then failing to capitalize on his acquiescence to their demands, have allowed the president to nullify his own impeachment. That’s quite a feat. Now Democrats appear as they always have: angry, unfulfilled, sky-screaming lunatics who champion unpopular and ill-advised marquee issues.

We’re left to agonize over Trump’s mean-tweeting, his bombastic lies told at rallies, and his roughing up our allies and kowtowing to our enemies. But we’re not in any new wars, and we’re not expanding our existing wars. We’ve had no major terrorism events (thank God), and the mass shootings we have seen are not particularly linked to Trump’s bad-side supporters (there are just as many motivated by leftist causes).

The stock market is up, in no small part due to Trump’s imposition, then canceling of tariffs with China. Joblessness, especially among minorities, is at a decades-long low. Home values are not crashing.

It’s really hard to maintain the outrage over Trump’s unfitness when all these things are copacetic. Democrats have canceled their own ability to take credit for anything positive, and in fact have confined themselves to wishing doom and gloom. That’s no way to win an election.

It will come down to this: America has a 22nd Amendment, limiting any president to two terms. Trump will not be with us after 2024, regardless of the outcome of this election. If the worst that he has done in the last four years is governing like a Democrat, and the Democrats are running actual socialists against him, why would anyone on the fence not vote for Trump?

Trump may lose the popular vote by a bigger margin than he did against Hillary Clinton, but his electoral victory is practically in the bag if nothing major changes. Just like in 2016, he can thank the Democrats for his victory.


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