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Ring security cameras are vulnerable to hacking

A home security device that isn’t secure.

It seems that the home security industry has exploded in recent years with new startups promising to keep you and your family safe. Gone are the days of simply rigging cameras around your property. The new “in” device is the smart doorbell.

Several different companies offer doorbells that offer video and audio, a way to store footage, and remote access for those times someone might ring the doorbell and you aren’t home. Many smart doorbells have remote voice capability. Cameras internal to the home are now patched into home networks.

But as we grow ever reliant on smart devices, I recently heard of a smart pen, there has been a noticeable lag in one specific area: network security of the devices themselves.

It is slightly ironic that a device that purports to enhance the security of your home is itself vulnerable to attack.

Amazon’s own home security company, Ring, has been accused of not doing enough to ensure that its customers devices are secure from hackers.

Joseph Cox at Motherboard, noted that just last week:

… local media reports found hackers harassed people through Ring devices. In one case a hacker taunted a child in Mississippi, in another someone hurled racist insults at a Florida family.

Cybersecurity experts have noted that Ring, and Amazon, doesn’t offer even basic security measures, making the customer reliant on finding the information required to secure the device.

While there are methods for improving device security, many users of this type of technology have very little knowledge in how to do so.

So, as a word of warning to those considering smart home devices: Ensure that they can be secured from outside usage before you buy.

Joseph Cox’s article goes into more detail on Motherboard’s testing and quotes from industry professionals.


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