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Impeachment Spoiler: If Clinton Didn’t Get the Boot, Neither Will Trump

I just don’t think this impending impeachment ends well for the Democrats, not because I think the President is immensely popular or that polls favor his acquittal. To be completely transparent, I haven’t paid any attention to what the polls are even saying about this spectacle.

No, my gut feeling about how all this plays out is based largely on the last presidential impeachment – one that I paid close attention to as a college political science major. In the impeachment trial of President William Jefferson Clinton, the case was rock solid.

By that I don’t mean to suggest that the substance or motivation of Clinton’s perjury and obstruction of justice rose to the level of “high crime or misdemeanor.” I simply mean that the reality of Clinton’s perjury and obstruction of justice was legally unquestioned. That’s exactly what former independent counsel Kenneth Starr pointed out in a recent interview with Fox’s Martha MacCallum:

“For one thing, President Clinton committed crimes,” said Starr.

“Perjury,” added MacCallum, “lying about what happened with Monica Lewinsky.”

“And also, obstructing justice, and he was found in contempt, Martha,” Starr continued.

“Not by the Congress, but by a United States district court judge for what, obstructing justice, you don’t do that. Think of the ‘Me Too’ movement,” he explained.

“Oh, everyone just lies about that? Oh really? Under oath? I don’t think so, that’s not the law of the land. And in stark contrast, President Trump has not committed any crimes whatsoever,” Starr said.

“This has been an impeachment in search of a label,” he added.

That’s the intriguing political angle to consider with what is unfolding in Washington these days. Even with solid, video-taped evidence of Clinton’s perjury, and firsthand, eyewitness testimony of Clinton’s obstruction of justice, the Republican effort to remove Clinton from office fell flat. In fact, it hurt the Republicans politically.

Today, with no solid legal evidence, no direct, eyewitness testimony of a Trump crime, Democrats are moving forward in an effort to remove him from office. Ken Starr doesn’t see that going well for them, and I can’t say I disagree.

What’s interesting is that just a few weeks ago, several leftist news organizations ran with a misleading headline that Starr believed it was “over” for President Trump. In actuality, Starr had merely commented that based on a “bombshell day” of testimony from Ambassador Sondland, it was clear the Democrats (and their Intelligence Committee chair) felt it, “was over.” But since misleading headlines have been a staple in the Democrat Media Complex’s arsenal of misinformation for years, they ran with it anyway. Consequently, for a short period time, the left’s infamous boogeyman Kenneth Starr had become their golden boy.

Fascinatingly, none of those mainstream leftist media sources are quoting Starr’s accurate comparison of how the legal case against Trump stacks up against the legal case against Clinton. I wonder why that might be?


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