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So Where’s the Freak Out Over Pelosi’s Attack on Journalism?

I remember a little over a year ago when a coalition of media advocates (read: “left-wing journalists and their allies”) formed an organization to “take on” President Trump’s “attacks on the free press.” They took to the pages of Politico to state their grievances:

President Donald J. Trump’s frequent threats and hostile acts directed toward journalists and the media are not only offensive and unbecoming of a democratic leader; they are also illegal. In the Trump era, nasty rhetoric, insults and even threats of violence have become an occupational hazard for political reporters and commentators. 

It’s always a bit strange to see the media wringing their hands over Trump’s open mockery of the biased press given that those same individuals were curiously MIA when President Obama spent eight years spying on journalists, using the power of the White House to threaten journalists over negative coverage, proposing placing government monitors in newsrooms, manipulating what events could and couldn’t be reported on, and even attempting to jail reporters who rubbed him the wrong way. 

Given that, shall we say “peculiar” tendency, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see these so-called champions of the free press collectively yawn when Nancy Pelosi exploded on Sinclair Media’s James Rosen. If you missed it, Rosen challenged Pelosi about her pursuit of impeachment, asking her if her decision to move forward was more about “hating Trump” than seeking justice.

Pelosi lost all control of her bodily functions, lecturing Rosen that having been raised Catholic that meant she could not be accused of “hating” anyone. Apparently, her brand of selective Catholicism (the kind that is cool with butchering kids for profit) offers her immunity to this charge. She then warned Rosen, “Don’t mess with me.”

You got that, right? A high-ranking government official, second in line for the presidency, the Speaker of the House of Representatives just issued a veiled threat to a member of the media for daring to question her about her motivations. And what was the reaction from our stalwart “free press champions?”

The closest thing CNN comes to an objective reporter, Jake Tapper, refused to offer any follow-ups on the issue. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell were Pelosi’s biggest cheerleaders:

Maddow agreed with O’Donnell’s analysis: “as a Catholic, seeing her invoke her Catholic faith in that moment at the apex of that confrontation was sort of a heart-stopping thing.”

As for O’Donnell, he seemed to enjoy the part where Pelosi told Rosen “don’t mess with me” the most. The phrase appeared in the background and on the chyron at the bottom of the screen as O’Donnell delivered his opening monologue.

O’Donnell also praised Pelosi for seizing the moment “as dramatically as any fiction writer could have provided for any fictional politician in a movie scene” before playing a clip of her “historic” announcement declaring that the House would move forward with articles of impeachment. 

And even Late Show host Stephen Colbert got into the act, complimenting Pelosi for taking Rosen’s balls. If you haven’t watched late night comedy in the last three years, yes, this is what now passes for it these days.

Incidentally, this James Rosen was the same reporter that Obama attempted to imprison. It makes you wonder how loudly Rosen cackles whenever he reads these profound statements from left-wing journos about standing in solidarity with a free press against the threats of those in power.

I would too, I suppose, except for the fact that it is anything but funny.


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