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L’Etat, C’est MAGA

If this trend of deifying our presidents continues, I might have to support a dead cat on the ballot in the 2024 election, because it's becoming obvious that the Republican Party has become "L'Etat, c'est MAGA," and the Democrats are just plain bat-guano crazy

Who takes credit for the stock market, the jobs report, every American factory opening in the last six years, winning the glorious 2016 election by an enormous landslide, an unmatched intellect, Great Wisdom, and standing for the old-timey values that Made America Great in the face of haters and a Witch Hunt?

Listen, I am happy that we have President Trump, versus Herself Who Can’t Believe She Lost in the White House. I truly believe that the stock market, American companies, and the business optimism we’re seeing come to live in real investments is somewhat the result of a business-friendly Republican administration. I truly believe that the Trump administration has cut enough red tape from the federal leviathan to build a highway to Saturn and back. I truly believe that Trump’s judicial picks, by proxy of the Federalist Society and a bevy of advisors, are good for America. I truly believe that Trump’s pugilistic approach to government has resulted in some actual good results. These things stand on their own.

But we did not elect a god. Conversely, God did not elect this president. We did it. Of course, God superintends everything in the universe, so we can say that if SMOD arrives, it was also ordained by God (and if you read the book of Revelation, you would have no theological problem with that).

We would not worship a natural disaster as some sign from the Lord and then expect to be taken seriously in policy discussions. This is why we don’t let preachers who declared Katrina to be some judgement from God make our laws; it’s also why secularists run scared when good folks like Rick Perry say that God “chose” Donald Trump. The last thing in the world I want to argue is that God selected Donald Trump to be president, to realize His will on earth. Trump is no more qualified to do that than Nancy Pelosi. If you want to argue that point, go do it at the local pub, but not with me.

We need to stop elevating demagogues to feed their own inflated versions of themselves. Barack Obama did not usher in his promised “hope and change.” What he did was usher the government’s nose into everyone’s tent, and like the apocryphal camel, the rest of it soon followed and has taken up residence. Joe Biden is running off Obama’s halo, but four years of Biden will be something like the love child of John Kerry (who just endorsed Biden) and Dan Quayle. No hope, no change, no malarkey.

Elizabeth Warren wants to out-Trump Trump in her ridiculous claims, as if she alone could rewrite the Constitution. She has a plan, which means she plans to speak nonsense and have everyone bow to her superior intellect in reflective worship.

And that brings me back to President Trump, whose defenders don’t care what issues from the lips of their Orange Idol, because whatever that is–today–is the Gospel Truth and don’t argue with it. Next week, the Whistleblowers won’t even exist, they’ll be a total fabrication of the Deep State and the Witch Hunters. The Democrats want to impeach Trump because they’ve always hated him. And the Democrats agree that they hate him, so that statement becomes bias-confirmation of itself.

Trump enjoys being president, because it’s the ultimate power trip for a media-obsessed troll. He enjoys having his core support him no matter what awful thing he says, tweets, or does. He enjoys it when he does something to genuinely please conservatives, but he enjoys it more when he pisses off the left to the point that they lose their minds.

And when Trump totally ignores the ballooning national debt, China’s crushing of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, detaining a million innocent Uighurs, Russia’s framing of Ukraine in an utterly insane conspiracy to deny their own interference in the 2016 election, and Turkey’s horrific denial of genocide against the Armenians, he can count on his supporters to nod in rapt agreement. This is not God’s will, and this is not God’s man doing God’s will.

We elected a president, by the skin of his teeth, to defeat a truly scary candidate who believed she was entitled to the White House (she still believes it). We elected him to drain the swamp, take a torch to the embedded, self-gratifying, consultant class in Washington. He’s done some of what we elected him to do. But he’s also done some significant collateral damage to the office of the presidency, America’s interests and allies around the globe, and the Constitution.

We did not elect a dictator, who can claim “L’Etat, c’est moi” (I am the State). We did not elect a sovereign. We should not worship politics. We must not attribute miracles, political, social, or otherwise, to the president, whether Trump or anyone else.

Trump is not fully responsible for the job report, the stock market, or your bank account. He’s also not responsible for climate change, shootings at schools or Navy bases, or the drug epidemic in your town. No president is.

If this trend of deifying our presidents continues, I might have to support a dead cat on the ballot in the 2024 election, because it’s becoming obvious that the Republican Party has become “L’Etat, c’est MAGA,” and the Democrats are just plain bat-guano crazy. At this point, neither party is likely to let anyone who doesn’t lay claim to the title of god or goddess become the nominee.

If you think that’s okay, you might want to study up on the fall of the Roman Empire. But don’t try to argue it with me.


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