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Why Kelly Loeffler is a Win for Georgia Conservatives

In May, Brian Kemp delivered on a campaign promise that he had every political reason to break when he – just months after a narrow victory – signed Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill into law.

For a state where “values issues” had, for many years, been tossed aside for fear of reprimand from the business community, it was a sharp departure from the status quo. With a feat few thought possible, Brian Kemp had placed Georgia in a position of national leadership in defending the unborn.

Now, just a few months later, he appears set to send Kelly Loeffler to Washington as Georgia’s next US Senator, keeping yet another promise: to appoint a pro-life US Senator to replace Johnny Isakson. And, in doing so, he’s delivering a big win to conservatives in the state.

As a political outsider, Kelly Loeffler represents much of what Brian Kemp has brought to the table – a departure from an entrenched political class in Georgia that was all about preserving the status quo rather than advancing a bold agenda.

She’s never served in office before, yet she has impeccable business credentials – a background that has served both President Trump and Senator David Perdue well. And, whereas other proposed candidates were tied in closely with Nathan Deal in Georgia or failed Establishment politicians like John Boehner, Kelly Loeffler is a true “Kemp” appointment – with her only political connection being with the most conservative governor Georgia has ever had.

If your goal is to “Drain the Swamp,” Kelly Loeffler is the only candidate who fits that description.

Beyond her “outsider status,” Kelly Loeffler is unapologetically pro-life. She is a strong supporter of the Heartbeat Bill and has pledged to be a Senator in the mold of the Governor who sparked a pro-life flame across the country. A woman of devout faith, she has pledged to protect all life from conception to natural death – and stand firm against the left’s abortion on-demand agenda.

Loeffler is also a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, committed to funding the border wall, and looking forward to doing her part to end this impeachment circus. She supports religious freedom and school choice.

On issue after issue, Kelly Loeffler holds a position consistent with the nation’s foremost conservative leaders.

Yet, where Loeffler really stands out is her ability to build the conservative movement in Georgia. Notice, I didn’t simply refer to growing the Party. I believe she offers a real opportunity to stop the slide purple, work with Kemp to bring an end to GOP squishiness, and build a base that makes our state remarkably more conservative. 

As a highly successful female business executive who has been co-owner of a sports franchise, on the board of our state’s largest hospital, and grew up on a farm – someone who has had to work for everything she has – Kelly intuitively speaks well to the diverse interests and people of our state. She comes across as warm, genuine, and smart. Moreover, she’s been a problem solver who won’t bow to the “that’s not how we do things” mentality of career politicians.

Possessing a unique appeal to the Atlanta business community, the suburban woman who doesn’t feel at home in the GAGOP, and the rural Georgia farming community, Kelly Loeffler makes the math work by doing more than just bringing people to the fold to vote for her. She delivers the capability to advance the truths of conservatism to new people through a message and a messenger that resonates with them.

And, as someone who has the resources to get that message out quickly, expect her name ID and favorability numbers to soar quickly.

There are a number of directions Brian Kemp could have gone with this pick. He could have gone with a safe, career politician. He didn’t do that. He could have gone the moderate route – picking someone that would shy away from the conservative platform he’s delivered upon. He didn’t do that either. Or, he could have appointed someone whose sole focus was resonating with a diminishing base of voters and sounding as Trumpian as possible. For the future of the Georgia conservative movement he, thankfully, didn’t do that either.

What Brian Kemp has done instead is something difficult. He’s appointed an outsider that doesn’t have a political power base clamoring for their appointment. And, he’s appointed a conservative who will run closely to his own record – doubling down on the idea we should all embrace: that our principles can win long-term, that Georgia can be a radiantly red and conservative state for years to come, and that a firm commitment to the right messengers will pay dividends.

To this end, Governor Kemp has taken extreme heat. The “old guard” he defeated in the primary wants to reclaim power for one of their own. Those who are short sighted want a sole focus on the next 3 months, not the next 3 decades. And, those who seek to cave on our values, wanted a squishy moderate who would back away from the Kemp Agenda. He gave none of those crowds what they wanted.

Because of this, the attacks on Kemp and Loeffler have been as severe as they are FALSE. The idea that Kelly Loeffler gives money to Planned Parenthood – UTTERLY FALSE. The idea that Kelly Loeffler doesn’t support President Trump – NOT TRUE. The rumor she’s opposed to religious freedom – 100% INACCURATE. All of these assertions and more are outright lies and a part of an organized smear campaign aimed at two people (Kemp and Loeffler) who scare the crap out of the political elites.

As someone who left it all on the field to pass the Heartbeat Bill and the leader of the leading pro-family organization in Georgia, I don’t say this lightly. I know and trust Brian Kemp. I have vetted and had the opportunity to speak with Kelly Loeffler. And, I am confident when I tell you something you will soon see – this appointment is a big win for Georgia conservatives.


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