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To Combat Racism, College Kids Demand…Segregation

My wife and I had a conversation several days ago about our three children and the prospect of saving funds to help them should they decide to attend college one day. In the course of that talk, I expressed my sincerest wish that by the time our kids are old enough to graduate high school, the entire collegiate system as it currently exists has been burned to the ground.

That may sound like sour grapes, but I’m not hoping for that based in some personal hostility to any particular professor, administrator, or experience I had in either my undergrad or graduate schooling. It comes merely after an honest and fair-minded assessment of:

  • The unjustifiably exorbitant costs associated with attending a tradition 4-year college or university
  • The increasing number of flatly unmarketable degrees being doled out
  • The sham system that props up tenured professors who do essentially no teaching, but who profit immensely from absurd contracts
  • The indefensible atmosphere of political correctness that stifles and intimidates free speech
  • The indoctrinating tendencies of professors and administrators favoring progressive, socialist ideas
  • The backwards culture facilitated by a university leadership more intent on earning cultural woke cred than doing their job to provide a structured learning environment that encourages the pursuit of “universals” (truth)

For all those reasons and more I am counting on online education, as well as vocational training programs to replace the traditional campus and burst this incredibly unsustainable college bubble. The sooner, the better.

If you want a real-life example of some of what I’m talking about, just take a look at what has gone on recently at Syracuse University. There a group of students angry about incidents of racist graffiti on campus have staged juvenile and unnecessary sit-ins on campus in an effort to be important. Rather than put them in their place or kick them off campus, the school administration has pandered and played footsie with many of their preposterous “demands.”

(By the way, precisely how do you “demand” something of someone when you are paying that someone to let you be on their property and go to their school? The proper response to any “demand” is to say, “Bye.”)

But one of these brilliant solutions demanded by the agitating students is the right to demand a “non-white” roommate. There’s a word for that: segregation. In order to combat racism, these campus geniuses are demanding the return of segregation.

Let that sink in for a second. The same generation of self-proclaimed woke warriors, prancing around campuses as paragons of the new tolerance (which translates to “intolerance”), who demand that we desegregate bathrooms on account of gender are demanding that we segregate dorm rooms on account of race.

This is the American college campus. Are there exceptions? Certainly there are some. But not enough to make me stop wishing this whole bogus system collapses on itself promptly and with prejudice.


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