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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – David Perdue, Dem Debate, And DNC Fundraising Stinks

Erick Erickson is live on the radio.

Erick Erickson is live on the radio.You can call in and be a part of the program at 877-973-7425 every weekday between 9am and noon ET.

Posted by Erick Erickson on Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here’s the plan for today.

Hour 1

  1. David Perdue
  2. Biden sends out post-debate fundraiser prior to debate
  3. Hunter Biden and the love child
  4. The Democrats’ Debate
    1. Good MSNBC format
    2. Good facility
    3. Not for conservatives
  5. Kamala Harris is really bad at this
  6. Warren etc. on the abortion question
  7. The mythology of the Georgia election
    1. Politifact

Hour 2

  1. Debate summation
  2. Pete Buttigieg on Jesus
    1. His attacks on Washington
  3. Kelly Loeffler v Doug Collins for Senate
    1. Matt Gaetz tweet
    1. Sondland and media hype
  5. Houston jail under attack from atheists because of Kanye West

Hour 3 

  1. Impeachment
    1. Sondland testimony
    2. Not good, but nothing changes
    3. Giuliani as scapegoat
  2. DNC fundraising stinks
  3. Prince Andrew out
  4. Marijuana decriminalization
    1. Biden and Booker
  5. Scott Warren acquitted


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