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How Does the Washington Post Still Have Subscribers?

I understand that political tribalism is at its height. I get that liberal Democrats are going to rally to their pet news-generating entities just like conservative Republicans will rally to their own. But I’m still at a loss for how the Washington Post has enough subscribers to make their sham operation function.

Especially after this week, it really takes a shameless sycophant of left-wing causes to willfully overlook the galling lack of self-awareness the reporters, headline writers, and copy editors at the Post have been churning out recently.

Start here:

This was the Post’s way of celebrating the sweeping electoral victories of Democrats in the southern state whose chief city was once the capital of the slave-holding Confederacy. That was back when Virginia, as well as the rest of the seceding Confederate States of America, were run by…Democrats.

And let’s not forget who occupies the governor’s mansion in the Old Dominion: Democrat Ralph Northam. You know, the guy who wore blackface and dressed up as a grand wizard of the KKK for a party.

So, according to the Washington Post, Virginia is leaving the bright blue Confederacy behind by becoming bright blue behind the leadership of a blackface-wearing dude in Klan gear? 

But that embarrassment wasn’t sufficient for the Post. No, the very next day they turned out this eye-popping story:

Yes, this is the same Washington Post that has postulated theories and run with half-cocked notions of uncorroborated Russian collusion conspiracies all because they cannot come to grips with the election loss of Hillary Clinton. It’s been three years of abject denial and desperate attempts to delegitimize a duly constituted presidential election.

Beyond that, to suggest Republicans are the ones who struggle with letting go flies in the face of some very high-profile, prominent examples of Democrats refusing to do so. We could start with Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, who after gaining only one additional vote in the mandatory state recount still refused to concede to his Republican governor, Ron DeSantis.

Then there is failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams:

Abrams was defiantly telling anyone who would listen back in March, “I did win my election. I just didn’t get to have the job.”

And then, of course, there’s the unyielding presence of Hillary Clinton that continues to drift over our politics like a menacing specter. Clinton threatened a 2020 rematch with Trump, insolently declaring, “I could beat him again.”

Again, I get that people like to have their news slanted in a way concomitant with their pre-existing beliefs. But if you’re still subscribing to the Washington Post and pretending you’re getting anything but opposite-day, bizarro-world kind of stuff, I think it’s now fair to say you’ve officially crossed over from reality into the land of make believe. 


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