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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – China Talks Progress, Trump to Louisiana, and the Brian Kemp Interview

November 7: The Erick Erickson Show. Call in at 877-973-7425

The President hits the campaign trail. Elizabeth Warren is just odd. Twitter employeees spy for Saudi Arabia. Governor Brian Kemp stops by. And we all need a break.

Posted by Erick Erickson on Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here’s the plan for today:

Hour 1

  1. Dow up on talks with China
    1. Economy continues to be strong
  2. President goes to Louisiana for rally
    1. Jon Bel Edwards (D) v. Raspone
    2. Trump knows LA matters
    3. Media rush to blame Trump for Kentucky
    4. Data isn’t good in the suburbs
      1. GOP really does have to do something there
      2. College educated whites are a problem
    5. Non-voters and the Democrats
      1. GOP needs a new coalition
  3. Federal judge strikes down abortion rule
  4. Tech giant problems
    1. Twitter employees spy for Saudi Arabia
    2. California after Facebook
    3. The left attacks Facebook for helping Trump
    4. Google appears to be blocking conservative content
    5. Apple’s news curation issues
  5. Jeff Sessions running for Senate
  6. Mom in viral video OD is now 3 years clean
  7. Kansas City and MLK

Hour 2

  1. Brian Kemp Interview
  2. Delta expands flights inside Georgia
    1. Valdosta
    2. Albany
    3. Columbus
  3. Georgia and the OCGA
    1. OCGA is official; basic code is not
    2. Georgia charges citizens to read the law
    3. Hiding behind copyright claims
  4. Anxiety in America
    1. 2020 and mass shootings are sending stress levels up
    2. Younger voters having more issues
    3. Disassociation of reality
  5. Self Driving Cars
  6. Concussion risk for girls in soccer
    1. Just behind boys in football

Hour 3 

  1. Elizabeth Warren as opportunist
    1. Okie-Harvard
    2. Teresa Tomlinson
  2. Whistleblower’s lawyer and the coup
    1. Whistleblower should be public
  3. Anonymous thought Pence would help
    1. Absolutely not gonna happen
    2. Delusional
    3. Raises all sorts of questions about credibility
  4. Paula White
    1. Prosperity gospel heresy
    2. Heading White House operation
  5. Warren and Medicare for All
  6. Alabama wants students on good behavior for Trump at LSU game


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