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So, About that Male Menstruation Commercial

A recent commercial by the female hygiene company Thinx has been making the rounds, and in light of all the sexual insanity that surrounds us, it’s making a lot of people uncomfortable. I’ll admit the first time I saw the ad, which is a mainstay on MTV, I saw it muted on social media. I did a double take.

After all, seeing the legs of a tattooed-man as gets handed a sanitary pad under the bathroom stall wall, a businessman reaching in his breast pocket to offer a male co-worker an extra tampon, and a young male/female couple in the throes of passion pausing to inform one another that they are both on their periods, is a bit disconcerting.

If you’re interested, here’s the spot in its entirety:

After seeing that, my mind went immediately where you would expect it to go given the current state of American culture – transgender propaganda has now come to this. And if you do any research at all into the Thinx company and its founder/CEO Miki Agrawal, you’d certainly have every reason to believe they were once again pushing the envelope. New York Magazine’s “The Cut” ran an extensive piece about Agrawal that was both bizarre and disturbing. I’ll spare you the details you can read for yourself if interested, but this should give you an idea:

[I]n a promotional video for [Thinx], she said, “My favorite thing to talk about are the things you’re not supposed to talk about.” According to a complaint filed late last week by a former employee (and echoed in interviews with multiple current and former employees), those things have included: the size and shape of her employees’ breasts, an employee’s nipple piercings, her own sexual exploits, her desire to experiment with polyamory, her interest in entering a sexual relationship with one of her employees, and the exact means by which she was brought to female ejaculation. Her alleged boundary-breaking in the workplace isn’t just verbal. Per the detailed complaint, filed with the City of New York Commission on Human Rights, Agrawal also touched an employee’s breasts and asked her to expose them, routinely changed clothes in front of employees, and conducted meetings via videoconference while in bed, apparently unclothed.

Concluding that such a company and its self-proclaimed “She-EO” would be pushing something as outlandish as male periods doesn’t really require much of a stretch. But as it turns out, after watching the unsettling commercial a couple times with the sound on, I actually think that what is shocking about this video is how much it contradicts the pseudoscience behind transgenderism.

The premise of the commercial isn’t about men being able to have periods, it’s about men (and society at large) not being comfortable with the fact that females do. The tagline of the entire ad says as much:

“If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them…It’s time to get comfortable.”

As much as Agrawal and the entire team at Thinx may hate it, their two-minute TV spot reminds viewers in a vivid and inescapable way that females are distinct and different from males; that being female is much more than having breasts, wearing dresses, and putting on lipstick.

Despite all the normalization attempts, this simple commercial generates a natural discomfort that reinforces the natural order of God that every single human has written on their hearts. The awkwardness that we all naturally feel watching a man talking about “getting his period” is a stark and unmistakable reminder that any biological male insisting they are female simply based on a psychological belief, is an appropriation of the severest kind.

Before anyone suggests otherwise, none of this encourages or justifies the mistreatment or dismissal of any individual believing themselves to be transgender. Nor does it diminish their hope of normalcy and acceptance.

On the contrary, it may have to be glaring reminders we get in commercials like these – unintentional as they may be – that jar our culture’s rebellious minds untethered from reality back to the truth. And truth is the only hope any of us have.


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