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Table scraps.

Some folks see the glass half empty. Others see the glass half full. But, dear reader, when taking a look at every glorious college football Saturday, I try to call things down the middle. That means as little doom-and-gloom as I can muster. Football is fun, after all.

But this week, the college football scheduling hamsters (see Week 9) are really testing my patience.

There’s few silver linings on the dark clouds in this storm front of a Saturday. I’ll try to point them out! For the most part, though, things are looking meh.

Still, any college football Saturday is a good Saturday. And I’m here to make it better.

Below, I’ll run through the schedule by timeslot, letting you know what should go on your big TV, your second screen of choice, and your scoreboard widget.

For even more college football, including super-helpful Tier Rankings of every Power 5 conference and the data-driven Playoff Eliminator, feel free to follow me on Twitter at @WatchingCFB. Two more tidbits: if your team’s playing they go on the Big Screen, and all times are CST. Why? Cause that’s God’s Time Zone.


Big Screen: Virginia Tech vs. Notre Dame (1:30p, NBC) starts a tad later than usual for this group of games. Heck, it’s called the morning timeslot and this game’s well into the afternoon. Is it worth the wait? Well, the Hokies haven’t been terrible. And Notre Dame was just eliminated from Playoff contention last week according to the aforementioned Eliminator. So I’m expecting this to get interesting.

Second Screen: Rounding out an unapologetically terrible group of games is Michigan vs. Maryland (11a, ABC). The Wolverines are riding a resurgence the last few weeks, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Michigan under Jim Harbaugh it’s this: never count out the possibility of underperformance. Maryland, September darling of many a college football pundit, has plummeted the last few weeks. If they rediscover the feistiness they showed early on, this one could get close.


Big Screen: Georgia vs. Florida (2:30p, CBS) is one of those “silver linings” I was talking about. In fact, this entire afternoon slate isn’t too bad! Two top-tier, semi-flawed SEC teams presumably playing for the East Division title? Sign me up!

Second Screen: Why isn’t this game FOX’s Big Noon matchup? Because on the West Coast, everyone’s still getting up at 9am. Utah vs. Washington (3p, FOX) is in a far more manageable timeslot for our bleary-eyed sun-drenched cousins, and should prove to be a lot of fun. Washington’s underachieved on offense this year, but if Jacob Eason finds his range against the Utes, we may have a shootout on our hands.

Watch the Score: TCU vs. Oklahoma State (2:30p, ESPN), Miami vs. Florida State (2:30p, ABC)


Big Screen: Oregon vs. USC (7p, FOX) is another potentially fun Pac-12 matchup featuring what is probably the Ducks’ hardest test on the way to the conference championship. A year removed from the disgusting display that was last year’s Redbox Bowl, Oregon is on the cusp of the Playoff. The mercurial Trojans may have something to say about that.

Second Screen: SMU vs. Memphis (6:30p, ABC) also pits an astonishingly undefeated Mustang team with New Year’s Six aspirations against a particularly game foe. The Tigers have only one loss, and still have the offensive spark and defensive spunk that’s become their trademark.

And there you have it! Follow me on Twitter here if you want, and happy watching!


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