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Austin Approves LGBT Indoctrination Campaign Under Guise of Sex Education

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After midnight Monday night and early into Tuesday morning, a long line of over 100 Austin parents and citizens testified before the Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees on a radical, hypersexualized sex education curriculum. Despite the fact that public opposition to the curriculum at the meeting more than doubled the amount of support, the Board of Trustees unanimously voted for sex education materials which include portions imported from Canadian abortion providers, as well as the “gender bread person” a play off the classic gingerbread man cookie. This is the culmination of a yearlong process where Austin ISD has systematically ignored parents and forced them to accept a radical LGBT agenda.

Texas Values, the leading organization standing for Faith, Family and Freedom in Texas has been involved in the process from the beginning. Many of the staff of Texas Values live in Austin, and their children have attended Austin schools. The school district had previously faced backlash when they refused to have parental input in their sex-education curriculum discussions and in response, sent out a survey to parents. Unfortunately, the fundamentally flawed survey only gave options to parents of when the LGBT agenda, including sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as dangerous sexual activity should be discussed, not if those topics should be discussed in schools. 

It should be no surprise then the School Board was able to claim that “over 90% of parents surveyed support the curriculum.” As President Trump would say, the system was rigged! Additionally, roughly 4,700 parents responded out of the 80,000 plus students in the district. Hardly a majority, even if you use common core math.

Leaning on this rigged survey as a crutch, Austin ISD first tried to pass a sex education curriculum that was produced by Planned Parenthood. However thanks to a new state law that prohibits local governments from contracting with abortion providers and their affiliates (SB22), this curriculum became illegal. This led Austin ISD to double down on the radical nature of their curriculum by “creating” their own curriculum and importing portions of it from Canadian abortion providers. Despite concerns about the medical accurateness and age appropriateness of the materials, the school board dismissed those concerns by saying their curriculum choices were “verified”. The board did not say who verified the curriculum however.

In total, this curriculum is over 1,100 pages long and will introduce the concept of sexual orientation and gender identity to children as young as the 3rd grade, or 8-9 years old. Sixth-grade students will discuss scenarios about entering into romantic and sexual relationships with adults. All middle school students will play gender and sexuality match games, where students are introduced to vocabulary that includes: “gender identity”, “transgender”, “gay”, “lesbian”, “cisgender”, “transphobia”, and “homophobia”. 6th Grade students are also taught that sex is assigned at birth by their doctor, but that “sex does not always match with gender identity” and are taught about a list of various sexualities that does not include straight or heterosexual. Instead it simply lists “Homophobia”. Students are taught to “denounce” and “challenge” fellow students that have a biblical view of marriage and sexuality and to attend a pride rally. The curriculum provides links to the sexually explicit “Love is Love: Free to be Me” (6th grade p.158) video promoting homosexuality and, a website that teaches kids how have anal sex. This website also instructs them on how to obtain birth control and abortions without parental notification or consent, which is against the law in the state of Texas. We have included screenshots of the curriculum at the end of this article.

This willful ignoring of parents is one of the reasons why hundreds of parents, faith leaders, and community members came out Monday night to the “Stand Up for Children” press conference and the Austin ISD school board meeting. Even after one aggressive transgender heckler unsuccessfully attempted to stop the press conference —ending with his criminal arrest – hundreds of parents lined up to speak against the sex education curriculum at the school board meeting. Each parent was only allowed to testify for 1 minute, and the testimony period lasted for over 2 hours.

LIVE at Austin ISD opposing radical sex education; leftists try to shut down and take over our press conference. But they did not prevail. Watch and see how it turned out.

Posted by Texas Values on Monday, October 28, 2019

The Austin ISD Board of Trustees heard from a very diverse group of people. Many Hispanic parents testified how the curriculum is a direct threat against their cultural family values and how the school district did a poor job of communicating the curriculum changes to Spanish speaking families. The Texas Values team focused on the policy failures of the curriculum including the lack of scientific accuracy in the curriculum, the deception of parents in the approval process, and the eagerness for the Board to choose a curriculum from an abortion provider. Texas Values also testified against a different policy that was being voted on that night that would delete the requirements set in the Texas Education Code for teaching sex education that focuses on abstinence and failure rates of contraception. The Board unanimously voted to nix the requirements set by Texas law and instead use unverified “national education standards” that are written by a pro-LGBTQ and pro-abortion activist group called SIECUS (Sexuality Information Education Council of the United States) based in Washington, D.C. Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz warned that bad consequences from the state Attorney General could be in the Austin ISD Board’s future for ignoring state law.  

Ultimately, the mass opposition to the curriculum was physically heard, but practically ignored. Board member Arati Singh considered the peaceful and overwhelming opposition for the curriculum hateful. Stating that students in Austin ISD had “heard a lot of hate tonight I think in this room…”

It is now more important than ever for parents in Austin ISD to be informed about what is in the adopted sex education curriculum. The school district does not currently have instructions on how to opt your child out of the new sex education; but the school district is required by state law to give you an opportunity to opt your child out of sex education.

We encourage you to stay connected with Texas Values for more information about opting your child out and further updates on Austin ISD, including possible legal action. 

(6th grade pp.153,158)

(3rd-5th grade p.128, 7th grade pp. 134-143)

(6th grade p. 92)

(6th grade pp. 144, 146; 7th grade p. 139)

(6th grade, p. 155)

(6th grade, p. 159)

James Wesolek is the Communications Associate for Texas Values, a nonprofit group dedicated to fighting for faith, family, and freedom in the state of Texas.


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