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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – 42% National Sales Tax, Climate Change Hysteria, and Trans Athletes

October 30: The Erick Erickson Show. Call in at 877-973-7425

I think the whistleblower needs to testify and will explain why. The media is stepping up their nighmare scenarios for global warmiing. The lack of humility in Silicon Valley is undermining it and incentivizing regulation.

Posted by The Resurgent on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here’s the plan for today:

Hour 1

  1. Jody Hice’s father died.  Keep him in your prayers
  2. Impeachment
    1. We need the whistleblower to testify
    2. 10 hours of deposition
    3. GOP walking back the idea of attacking Vindman’s character
    4. Supposedly tried to add
    5. Leaking
    6. Government shutdown
  3. German restaurant serves cannabis cake
  4. Washington Post against free speech
  5. Pete Buttigieg and quoting scripture
    1. Democrats want 42% national sales tax
    2. Biden having to campaign on MSNBC — trouble
    3. Bernie and the millennials
  6. Wired on Transathletes: Life ain’t fair so use an algorithm
  7. That umpire call in the World Series

Hour 2

  1. Teresa Tomlinson’s new national finance director
  2. Geoff Duncan targeting Dem Senate seats
  3. Lucy McBath and the curious case of the swing district Democrats on impeachment
    1. Democrats could lose more votes than the GOP on impeachment
  4. Lawrence Van Dyke and the ABA
  5. The climate change hysteria over floods and fire
    1. Supposedly most major cities under water by 2050
    2. Climate change the only reason for fires
    3. Everything is doom and gloom
    4. Planting trees won’t work now
    5. Desire to give up capitalism
  6. The bizarre AP article on Amazon
  7. Trump PAC targets Dems during Georgia debate over Baghdadi
  8. The biofilm take over

Hour 3

  1. The lack of humility from tech companies getting them in trouble
    1. Now banks are after them
    2. Hawley is after them
    3. Progressives are mostly after Facebook
      1. Notice how much they complain about Daily Wire etc
  2. Deadspin and sticking to sports
  3. Apple streaming getting bad reviews
    1. Netflix wants to allow people to speed through shows
    2. Producers angry
    3. Production levels
    4. Benioff and Weiss of Star Wars
    5. Disney coming 
    6. Playstation Vue shutting down
    7. HBO Max is going to be expensive
  4. Bro-Silicon Valley Culture and WeWork


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