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Don’t Let Them Flip Virginia Blue on November 5th

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Virginia is at risk of flipping blue next Tuesday, November 5th.

Our General Assembly is narrowly led by Republicans in both chambers, the House of Delegates and State Senate.

Millions of dollars are pouring from outside the state, unsurprisingly, to prop up extreme Democrat candidates keen on dismantling our state pre-emption laws on firearms ownership, advancing late-term abortion, raising taxes, undoing right-to-work, pushing a statewide equivalent of the Green New Deal, and advancing other ill-fated policies that will adversely transform the state.

I’ve heard reports from across the state, from trusted Republican activists and volunteers, saying billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s various groups are mischaracterizing and defaming Republican candidates.

Why the push on ensuring Democrats win control of both chambers of the General Assembly, despite these positions being part-time and considerably low pay? Democrats realize power rests in state legislatures and they want to retake many seats lost under President Obama’s tenure.

Back in 2017, I documented the efforts of Flippable and their intention to flip Virginia blue. This was not unexpected. And now, we are at risk of becoming reliably blue.

Virginia’s top three lawmakers, all Democrats, were embroiled in scandals that should have brought about their downfall yet they’ve managed to survive. Where were the Republicans all this time? Did they seize upon this or not? We shall see come next Tuesday.

Thankfully, a few candidates have documented out-of-state money coming in their races.

Senator Bill DeSteph out of Virginia Beach noted this:

I'm appalled by the sheer amount of money coming in from outside Virginia to fuel my opponent's campaign. Inspired by…

Posted by Senator Bill DeSteph on Saturday, October 19, 2019

Jen Kiggins, Republican candidate for State Senate in a nearby district, first drew attention to California and New York money pouring into her challenger’s campaign. Not surprising:

*Here is the breakdown of donations for September from in and out of our district and in and out of Virginia. Of my…

Posted by Jen Kiggans for State Senate on Friday, October 18, 2019

What happened to the outrage over Delegate Kathy Tran’s insane abortion bill? Will its effect be felt next Tuesday, or will the non-Virginia donations, largely from California and New York, ultimately decide the fate our state elections?

I’m livid and you should be too. It’s hilarious to see opponents of Citizens United, who’ve lambasted the ruling unless it proves advantageous to them, use it to their full advantage. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

If you also vote in Virginia or have family and friends who do, urge them to vote Republican to keep Virginia elections in Virginia hands. The fate of the Commonwealth rests in our hands.

Vote November 5th.


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