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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – Katie Hill, Joe Biden, and Impeachment

October 29: The Erick Erickson Show. Call in at 877-973-7425

The media sure has a double standard on sex scandals. The GOP needs to change its impeachment talking points. Liberal logic: keep your kids in failing schools or the schools won’t get better.

Posted by The Resurgent on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here’s the plan for today.

Hour 1

  1. Catherine Moss
  2. The Katie Hill Controversy
    1. She’s resigning
    2. RedState has explicit pics
    3. Media calls it revenge porn
    4. Turns out she was in a 3 way and having an affair
    5. Pictures out of her doing drugs, etc.ssss
    6. Media reaction
    7. Attacking reporter
  3. The dog v. Baghdadi
    1. Name not released
  4. Media now more uniformly attacking the President over Baghdadi claims
  5. American Academy of Pediatrics wants stomach surgery for kids
  6. Joe Biden in danger of losing Iowa
    1. Rudy Giuliani firewall strategy and burn rate
    2. 60 minutes interview audio
    3. Buttigieg coming on strong
      1. Still problems with black voters
    4. Impeachment starting to worry Democrats
  7. Tiger Woods

Hour 2

  1. Impeachment vote to happen
    1. GOP said there weren’t enough votes
    2. Dems have the votes
    3. Process argument had an impact
    4. Dems more confident of public proceeding after Bill Taylor
  2. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman
  3. Booing the President
    1. Morning Joe under attack
    2. Teresa Tomlinson loved the boos
  4. California power crisis and green energy
  5. Brandon Butler interview
  6. Deadspin has to stick to sports

Hour 3

  1. Kemp education plans get the AJC mad
    1. Claim offering kids a way out will keep public schools bad
    2. Admission against interest that public schools are failing
    3. Also opposed the Tebow legislation
      1. Will come back this year
    4. School choice civil rights issue
  2. 330,000 voters to be purged from rolls in Georgia
    1. Left complaining, but voters will be contacted
    2. Problem stems from aggressive and liberal voter registration
  3. Gender reveal party pipebomb in Iowa
  4. Back to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman
    1. Ukraine immigrant
    2. Serves with his brother in NSC staff
    3. Will testify


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