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30 Years Overdue: RNC Launches ‘Victims of Socialism’

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

30 years after the physical collapse of the Soviet Union, it seems the Republican Party wants to start tackling and combatting its resurgence here in the U.S.


It comes about 30 years too late though—but better late than never? The party should have been making a moral case for free enterprise since the USSR’s collapse, not hit cruise control and wait for this pernicious ideology to rear its ugly head again.

As I noted here yesterday, socialism and communism are becoming more popular among Generation Z and Millennials. That’s mind-boggling, but not surprising.

On October 22nd, the Republican National Committee launched a new portal: Victims of Socialism. Here’s their launch video:

The tagline reads, “This is the truth about socialism. Hear from the people who have suffered under the oppression of a centralized socialist government. The promises of free government services and equality for all turned into a nightmare.”

It’s actually decent and pulls at the heartstrings. Bravo!

Published videos feature men and women primarily from Venezuela. I think it would be even more impactful if they featured survivors from Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, and other nations adversely affected by collectivist policies.

To get a better understanding of what some Democrats want in the U.S., Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has a great video explaining what socialism is:

Many survivors of socialism and communism have historically found refuge in the GOP. I should know—my parents have been registered Republicans since they became naturalized Americans in the early 1990’s. They saw a political home in the Grand Old Party—and still do today—as the Democrat Party continues to embrace many socialist tenets they experienced and witnessed firsthand in the Old Country.

This is good step in the right direction, GOP. Now continue to push these human interest stories through videos and social media. Don’t simply work to #OwnTheLibs. Offer the better alternative to socialism: limited government and free enterprise.


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