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Orange Man Bad

Stripped of all pretense and the media's boners for Obama, the only argument left to make here is the one we've always known from the press: Orange Man Bad.

The Washington political press has never liked Donald Trump’s style. From Day One, they’ve opposed him, mocked him, and treated him as beneath contempt. They would refuse to give him credit if he personally cured cancer.

Take, for a blindingly obvious example, the death of terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. President Trump, obviously happy over the outcome (and shouldn’t he be?), said the ISIS chief “died like a dog.” Even more on-the-nose than the Washington Post’s shameful headline calling the terrorist an “austere religious scholar” (and in the body, a “conservative scholar,” because at the Post, “conservative” and “terrorist” hold the same meaning, apparently), is the Post comparing Obama’s announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death to Trump’s on al-Baghdadi.

But if Obama’s nine-minute speech in the White House’s Cross Hall was notable for his measured tones and appeals to the enduring strength of America’s values, Trump’s 50-minute performance in the Diplomatic Reception Room was marked by the overt showmanship, blunt language and airing of personal gripes that have defined an approach he once dubbed “modern-day presidential.”

A less self-aware statement could not possibly be penned. Obama could always be understated, because the media worked for him. He didn’t need to trumpet anything because the Washington press, enthralled and thigh-tingled, made Obama the hero. They didn’t look for holes (like they did with Trump, though it’s been quietly retracted) in Obama’s account of the Navy SEAL raid to take out bin Laden, they lionized the former president’s role in it.

Liberals on Twitter rallied around al-Baghdadi’s inherent humanity and offered tears for his pain.

Pardon me while I find my eyeballs, which have rolled out of my head. They made a point that bin Laden “was given a proper Muslim burial.”

Osama bin Laden was “buried at sea,” which means his body was weighted, wrapped, and thrown unceremoniously into the ocean deep. Nobody cried when this was done, and it was done to prevent his body from becoming a shrine. Yet, the Washington Post, in 2011, gushed.

Obama made one of the “gutsiest calls” of any president in deciding to go ahead with the raid based on his confidence — but only circumstantial evidence — that bin Laden was indeed living in the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Brennan said. He said there were “absolutely” disagreements among Obama’s advisers about that course of action.

Osama bin Laden killed in U.S. raid, buried at sea, Washington Post, May 2, 2011

Apart from communications style, there’s little difference between Trump’s announcement and Obama’s. American special forces hunted down a terrorist leader: in one case, the head of al Queda–yes, a bigger quarry, no question–and in another, the head of ISIS, and each president, in his own style, announced it to the public.

There was no need to dispose of al-Baghdadi’s body because he took care of that for us, blowing himself to bits.

Stripped of all pretense and the media’s boners for Obama, the only argument left to make here is the one we’ve always known from the press: Orange Man Bad.


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