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Clarity is nice.

You know, putting this article/schedule/thing together is difficult sometimes.

Some weeks, there’s just a ton of good games. So picking the best and the worst is difficult. This is a tad hard for me, but not for you: you get lots of great football. And so do I! But when most of the games are stinkers, my list of watchable stuff gets shorter. And no one likes that.

So it was very nice of the game-scheduling hamsters to spin their tiny wheels in perfect harmony to produce this week. (That’s how these games are scheduled, right?)

We’ve got four very obvious top tier games this week. And they’re neatly spaced out throughout your Saturday, one for each shift. There’s also some decent lower card games with a chance for some intrigue. I’ll run through ‘em below.

If you’d like to stay up on these games and all things college football, follow me on Twitter at @WatchingCFB. Every Sunday I’ll also post my Playoff Eliminator, a simple and data-driven way to determine which teams can still make the College Football Playoff. On Tuesday, you’ll get my Tier Rankings, breaking down the contenders and pretenders from every Power 5 conference.

The usual rules apply: if you’re team’s on they go on your Big Screen, and all times are God’s Time Zone (CST). Let’s kick things off!


Big Screen: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State (11a, FOX) is the first high-stakes game of the day. Probably the biggest test the Buckeyes have faced thus far, the Badgers are a bad loss at Illinois away from undefeated. Was last week’s embarrassing defeat a fluke? Wisconsin tries to prove it was against quite possibly college football’s most complete team.

Second Screen: Oklahoma vs. Kansas State (11a, ABC) is a potential trap game for the heavily favored Sooners. OU has looked nigh unbeatable all season long, with no major scares to speak of. But Kansas State is dangerous, and if the ghost of Bill Snyder haunts this game, Oklahoma may find themselves in a close, punchy competition.


Big Screen: Auburn vs. LSU (2:30p, CBS) serves as your biggest matchup of the day (sorry Irish and Big Blue; you know I’m right). Auburn has put together a compelling performance so far this year, especially considering QB Bo Nix’s freshman status. Meanwhile, Joe Burrow’s getting Heisman frontrunner buzz and LSU’s D remains terrifying. Call this the “No, I’m More Likely To Beat Alabama” Game.

Second Screen: One of two solid Big 12 matchups this afternoon, Texas vs. TCU (2:30p, FOX) has an oddity about it. The line’s remarkably close for a matchup between an excessively blah Horned Frogs squad and a Longhorn team ranked #15. Maybe Vegas watched Kansas nearly beat Texas last week and cast their bets accordingly. Me, I don’t buy TCU for a second. But if I’m wrong, this could get interesting.

Watch the Score: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State (2:30p, FS1), Tulane vs. Navy (2:30p, CBSSN), Indiana vs. Nebraska (2:30p, BTN)


Big Screen: Notre Dame vs. Michigan (6:30p, ABC), which is a storied and classic rivalry or something, kicks off our evening. Okay, that’s excessively cruel. Notre Dame is ostensibly a good team this year, with only a close loss to Georgia as a blot on their schedule. But Michigan is desperate. And I hear wounded wolverines are very, very hard to put down.

Second Screen: UCF vs. Temple (6p, ESPN2) will probably be a fun American Conference showdown between two game, balanced teams. UCF has two understandable losses to Cincinnati and Pitt thus far. Temple’s lost to SMU and…wait, am I reading this right? Buffalo? By 16?!? Well, if that’s anything to go on, the Owls are doomed.

Watch the Score: Arizona State vs. UCLA (6:30p, PAC12N)


Big Screen: Washington State vs. Oregon (9:30p, ESPN) is probably the Ducks’ biggest challenge since Auburn, who they nearly defeated. To salvage the PAC-12’s Playoff hopes, Oregon must win out. Mike Leach, I’m guessing, plans to make that difficult.

And that’s your week! Feel free to follow me at @WatchingCFB, and happy watching!


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