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Trump’s 2020 Campaign Maintains Digital Edge Over Democrats

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Just like fundraising, President Trump’s re-election campaign is taking investment in digital media very seriously.

Whatever you think of President Trump and his governing style, he does have some very adept people in his corner. Case in point: those who handle digital media for him— particularly ads.

The New York Times, interestingly enough, just reported President Trump’s campaign is using social media “more aggressively and creatively than Democrats.”

Between January 1-October 19th, Trump’s campaign spent $13.5M on Facebook ads, followed by Democrats Tom Steyer ($8.63M), Pete Buttigieg ($4.10M), and socialist Bernie Sanders ($3.84M).

Axios breaks down why Trump’s campaign is succeeding on this front:

Trump’s messages are effective at grabbing attention, and his team — led by a campaign manager, Brad Parscale, who was the Trump digital lead in 2016 — relentlessly experiments and tests messages.

As is the norm with incumbents, Trump can focus his message on Democratic rivals (and fighting impeachment) while his challengers are still competing to determine who will be the party’s nominee.

Some Democrats have brought digital ad buying and strategy in-house to cut costs. That could make it harder for them to tap the kind of up-to-date thinking and savvy agencies can offer.

Both sides have invested in texting infrastructure. But so far, Republicans have the edge in using text messages for fundraising and messaging.

In March, Trump’s campaign spent $3.5M on Facebook and $1M on Google, amounting to $4.5M at the time—far ahead of Democrat candidates.


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