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Who Was the LBGTQ Town Hall Speaking To?

It’s really like watching a trainwreck in slow motion. I didn’t sit down and watch the LGBTQ Town Hall on CNN last night. Instead, I saw the highlights via social media. It was the same for the Climate Town Hall.

Frankly, the debates have been painful enough. I have sat through several hours of them. Watching what passes as a moderate Democrat try to reign in the mad dash to the left most of the top tier candidates are making is just disconcerting.

The debates are sanctioned by the DNC. The town halls have been on topics the DNC chose not to focus a formal debate on. Dare I say the DNC was making a strategic decision not to focus on these topics? On some level, they had to know these would become protracted woke-a-thons. It seems each candidate is just trying to out-woke the preceding speakers.

And to be sure they have. The Climate Town Hall was a veritable cornucopia of future campaign commercials. Potential nominees threatened to ban everything from combustion engines to hamburgers. It wasn’t bad enough several of them want to nationalize the healthcare industry. Now they are advocating taking over the energy industry too.

From the highlight reel, last night was also a pageant of pure lunacy. Whether candidates were deciding where American’s freedom of religion ends, specifying their pronouns or yammering about federal bathroom policy it just kept going. The crowning achievement was seeing a grown man who thinks he’s a woman yank the microphone from a nine-year-old girl who thinks she’s a boy. And proceed to have a meltdown.

Who are these town halls speaking to? Since the 2018 midterms, polls have consistently shown there are three top priorities for likely voters. They are the economy, healthcare, and immigration. I saw a tweet about “57 million equality voters”. For such a large number of concerned citizens, this issue doesn’t crack the top 10 for the electorate.

The climate change debacle basically showed voters the Democrats are willing to destroy the economy to fight Mother Nature. The LBGTQ forum talked about nationalizing policies that are only advocated by fringe advocacy groups.

Ninety-nine percent of the population uses pronouns that align with their biological sex. A Williams Institute Study in 2016 estimated 0.6% of adults in the United States identified as transgender. If you watch the media and listen to the left you would start to think it was in the neighborhood of 30%. It’s not.

Yet last night we talked about taxpayer-funded reassignment surgeries for inmates and making rules regarding bathroom use a national concern rather than one that is addressed locally. Then it was proposed that churches and other groups lose their tax-exempt status if they do not condone gay marriage.

It would seem to me that in such a large, diverse country we could figure out how to coexist without rolling over the guaranteed rights of any group. Democrats and the activist LGBTQ lobby no longer seem to think so. You can not just take a libertarian view of LGBTQ issues. You will applaud and endorse or you will be punished.

Exactly who are these authoritarian policies that rely on the power of a bloated central government supposed to appeal to? I am not even sure they appeal to the entire 0.6% of the population that identifies as transgender.

Perhaps they should have taken note of the fact that Governor Matt Bevin in Kentucky saw a significant bump in polls numbers after Campaign for American Principles ad. The ad highlighted his challenger’s support for trans female teens competing in girl’s sports. CNN’s townhall was like 100 thirty-second ads. And may well be turned into at least 50.

I guess we should thank CNN for the in-kind donation to recapturing the House. And highlighting to Americans that are not knee-deep in Twitter every day that the Democrats are far left of mainstream American culture.


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