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We Can’t Be Friends With China

If we don't exercise our rights as Americans, we too can lose them. Or we can simply use our freedom to lay down those rights in order to appease communist China. That's what being friends with China means, to them.

Being friends with China means giving up our unalienable rights, which China neither recognizes domestically nor tolerates abroad. Put simply, Americans can’t do that, or at least we shouldn’t.

If you’re at an NBA-sponsored game and yell “Free Hong Kong” in America, you should not be escorted out. But being friends with China means you are.

If you own an Apple product, you should expect it to work without censorship if you bought it in Hong Kong, but if you’re friends with China, like Apple, it won’t. The Quartz News app, for instance, won’t work because Apple removed it at the request of the Chinese government, because it’s a bit too on-the-nose about the Hong Kong protests.

If you’re friends with China, you might have to give up the Taiwan flag emoji, because China’s government finds it offensive.

If you’re friends with China, you get to defend their repressive communist government’s brutality and opposition to the rights Americans believe are unalienable, or you find that their puppet corporations desert you.

Out of the 25 official partners listed on the NBA China website, 13 are Chinese businesses. So far, 11 of those companies have distanced themselves from the league amid escalating tensions between China and the NBA., Anta Sports, Changhong, Meiling, Dicos, EHi Car Rental, Master Kong, China Mengniu Dairy, Migu Video, WuZun and Xiaoyin Technology are the Chinese companies that have ended or suspended their cooperation with the NBA, according to Chinese public statements translated by CNBC.

Nearly all of the NBA’s Chinese partners have cut ties with the league, CNBC, October 9, 2019

Chinese companies act in lockstep because the government controls them. The government controls every aspect of its people’s lives, from what they eat, to what they believe.

All our America rights, Free Speech, Religion, Life, Liberty and the Pursduit of Happiness, would eventually be sacrificed on the altar of friendship with communist China. The Chinese are allowed to have nice things, as long as they don’t disturb their government’s brutal rule and ultimate authority. That government expects no less of Americans.

We should not give it to them.

The answer to China is not tariffs. Those simply don’t work because there’s no leverage against a system completely rigged by the state. The answer is to politely decline. We must, culturally, say no to China.

Better not to have basketball than to bow to their regime. Better to not have an iPhone than to ascent to brutality and censorship as a way of life.

If we don’t exercise our rights as Americans, we too can lose them. Or we can simply use our freedom to lay down those rights in order to appease communist China. That’s what being friends with China means, to them.

We must politely decline.


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