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How Not To Win Trumps And Influence Trump: Bankroll Adam Schiff While Trying To Get Trump To Do Your Bidding

by Resurgent Insider Read Profile arrow_right_alt

With Democrats’ march to impeachment well underway, Rep. Adam Schiff’s star continues to rise on the left and within mainstream media.

Adam Schiff, the Left’s newest patron saint, speaking live to TV cameras this week

While Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Jerry Nadler – who heads the House Judiciary Committee – officially have bigger roles to play in the impeachment saga, Schiff chairs the powerful Intelligence Committee.

Given the focus of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, that puts him in a leading position to accomplish what many on the right feel he’s been intent on since the first day of the Trump presidency: Get Trump removed from office by any means necessary.

As such, it’s worth taking a look at who is bankrolling Schiff while at the same time trying to get favors and handouts from Trump – because the two are not exactly on the same page, and playing benefactor to one by rights ought to result in mortally offending the other.

It turns out, some pretty big names in corporate America have been doing exactly that – a great way not to win friends and influence Trump, or people in D.C., generally.

The most entertaining example of this is likely a company you’ve heard of but might not be able to place: The Wonderful Company. Its employees happen to be the joint third-highest donors to Schiff’s re-election campaign thus far in the 2020 cycle. (For the record, Schiff won in 2018 with nearly 80 percent).

Why does the Wonderful Company’s name ring a bell, you ask? They produce a variety of – you guessed it – wonderful products, including POM Wonderful (pomegranate juice), Wonderful Halos (which are actually mandarins), Wonderful Sweet Scarletts (grapefruit) and Wonderful Almonds. They also own Teleflora, with which you’re probably more familiar (and which isn’t as “wonderful,” apparently).

Hard to believe though it may be, the Wonderful Almonds are the interesting tidbit here, because the almond industry – in which Wonderful is a big player – has been pushing the Trump administration pretty danged hard to end trade wars that are hitting the almond industry badly. You’ve got to think that bankrolling Schiff isn’t likely to help with that, especially since Wonderful Orchards, where the Wonderful Almonds are grown, appears to sit in Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s district. Schiff isn’t even their local congressman.

Here’s another example: Software giant Oracle is currently locked in a massive fight over a Department of Defense cloud computing contract it didn’t get. The tech giant apparently blames Amazon, even though Amazon is only a finalist for the contract and hasn’t actually won it yet. In any event, Oracle was desperate for Trump to order a review of the contract and was rumored to be behind an “anti-Amazon dossier circulated in Washington alleging conflicts of interest in the Pentagon procurement process.” Word on the street is that the dossier’s intended audience was one man: Trump himself.

So guess what the geniuses at Oracle decided to do? According to an FEC records search, the day after Schiff went on an unhinged rant about Attorney General Bill Barr, saying Barr was trying to “discourage” former Special Counsel Robert Mueller from testifying, and telling Bloomberg news that Barr “is transparently the president’s agent and doing the president’s bidding,” Oracle went ahead and ponied up $1,000 to Schiff’s re-election campaign. Oh, they’ve also been bankrolling Nadler’s re-election, too, and employing Hillary Clinton consultants to run astroturfy campaigns.

Undoubtedly, countless other examples of this kind of behavior abound. Trump is a powerful man. Schiff is a powerful man. If you want to get your preferred policies enacted, it generally pays to make nice with powerful men.

That said, it’s hard to see what the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has to do with either almonds or Department of Defense cloud computing contracts. It’s a lot easier to see how making nice with him might help make nice with hardcore anti-Trump Democrats, though.


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