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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – Impeachment, The Media and Record Employment

October 4: The Erick Erickson Show. Call in at 877-973-7425

Is the President trying to get impeached? Some days he seems like his own worst enemy. But, he is enormously helped by a media that has never stopped trying to claim controversy.

Posted by The Resurgent on Friday, October 4, 2019

The Erick Erickson Show is LIVE! Here’s the plan for today.

Hour 1

  1. David Brooks piece
    1. Fly over country v. Coastal Elite
    2. They get it, but what choice?
    3. The alternatives are so much worse
  2. Life goes on
    1. President campaign rally
    2. AOC
    3. Democrat gun grabbing
  3. Judge in Amber Guyger case under attack
    1. Freedom From Religion Foundation files complaint
    2. Judge cited John 3:16
    3. Goes back to the Trump thing
  4. Apple helping China against Hong Kong
    1. President promised to keep quiet during trade talks
  5. Warren increasingly viewed as front runner
    1. President raised her on a call with China
  6. The AOC and eating babies thing
    1. There actually is a Swedish scientist who advocates it
    2. But this has to be a troll?
  7. Rick Perry leaving

Hour 2

  1. Georgia goes to Knoxville
  2. Weather in Georgia
    1. Cool weather coming
    2. Some rain
    3. Limited drought relief
    4. Burn Ban
  3. State unemployment
    1. Mountains area including Habersham County out performing
    2. Northwest Georgia including Rome holding steady below nat’ average
    3. Middle Georgia at 4%, slightly above national average
    4. South Georgia above national average at 3.9%, but trending to full employment rapidly.
    5. Southwest Georgia at 4.2% unemployment
    6. Athens area at 3.5% below national average
    7. Coastal Georgia at 3.7%
    8. Three Rivers area at 4.7%
    9. Heart of Georgia at 5.1%
  4. Braves lose
    1. Most first game play off losses of any team
  5. Georgia Regent resigns
    1. Jen Jordan goes after Kemp on Beck
  6. Kingston and Randy Evans apply for Senate
  7. Georgia going after vaping
  8. Forest Park Georgia closes food stand

Hour 3

  1. The nastiness is nothing new
    1. 1800 election
  2. Impeachment roundup
    1. Giuliani got the US Ambassador removed
    2. Trump pressured China on Biden
      1. Did it on television too
    3. US Ambassador text messages uncovered by Fox
  3. Why Pelosi won’t actually move to formal impeachment inquiry
    1. Nothing has actually changed
    2. White House pushing to call her bluff
    3. Des polling in swing districts shows it still is not popular
  4. Plastics on remote islands coming from Chinese ships
  5. Glacier splits from Antarctica, not caused by global warming
  6. Car-jacker killed himself trying to bash in window with butt end of loaded shot gun


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