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I Support the President

I'll be honest, there are days I wish someone else were President. It is not easy to support the President.

I’ll be honest, there are days I wish someone else were President. It is not easy to support the President. Many of my friends detest him. Many of his supporters are more uncivil towards a person like me than his opponents are. I support the President, but I have a hard time cheering. There is much to not like. But there is even more to not like on the left. To support the President and not cheer on everything he does is to be the hostage tied on top of the bull in the china shop.

Still, I do not see an impeachable offense. If I see one, I will not support the President. What I see are a bunch of people who have despised the President since I did who have never come to terms with him who are now just recycling arguments lost on voters in 2016 in the least persuasive fashion possible. I am unaware of any person on the national stage right now tweeting “I cannot believe you could support him” who was not thinking the same thing in 2016, if less dogmatically. What I see is a group of people who have interpreted every single thing the President has done in the worst possible light to continue to do so. What I have seen are the people who were wrong about Hillary Clinton winning and wrong about Russia working with Trump to steal the election and wrong about so many other things now doubling down in self-righteousness with very little humility and absolutely no charity. A lot of people outraged at evangelicals sticking with Trump are modeling a graceless hypocrisy and a sinful impatience.

What I also see is a Democratic Party and a media operation that started saying we were at a turning point in February of 2017 and before we even rolled into 2018 were talking about impeachment. They have wanted this moment all along. We have reached so many turning points, breaking points, tipping points, bombshells, and surprises that Washington should resemble Beirut circa 1988.

A Washington press corps that could find no scandal in the Obama Administration even as its officials authorized gun sales to Mexican cartels, IRS harassment of tea party groups, and health services harassment of nuns started the first day of this Administration with photo-gate and never let up.

The American press corps, lest we forget, treated it as a scandal that the White House ordered fast food for a group of college athletes. The press corps that turned a blind eye to Hunter Biden and even now chooses to excuse him, has relentlessly hounded the Trump children.

Why should anyone trust a media fixated on the President’s lies when the media has consistently lied, exaggerated, and pushed Democrat talking points? Even yesterday, the media fixated on Mike Pompeo for apparently not being truthful about his involvement in President Trump’s call while giving a near total pass to Adam Schiff for lying about advanced knowledge of the whistleblower. Should we forget CNN pushed out on social media the man who alleges President Trump has killed more people than Hitler and only walked it back after outrage grew? Should we forget the mainstream press that focused on Trump’s words as precursors to events gave no similar treatment to Democrats’ words after the Hodgkinson shootings or the man, parroting AOC, died while trying to firebomb an ICE office? Hell, I don’t know that news networks even covered that one.

Instead of guardians of truth, we have a bunch of junior league jack wagons who’ve taken a sharpie marker to the “D” next to their name and written in an “me” before it and an “ia” after it and, when not masquerading as objective supposedly truth tellers, claim victim status against the President.

There’s neither balance nor fairness, but a nonstop quest to deliver vengeance to President Trump for daring to hurt their liddle’ feelings. And yes, we should not forget the press’s treatment of “liddle” and “covfefe” and the ridiculous coverage of other random tweets. We should not forget the constant bitching about the White House not holding press briefings and then the high-minded self congratulations for refusing to cover White House press events live because there might be more lies than a panel full of supposedly objective anchors on MSNBC.

There are vast parts of me that wish President Trump would just go away. I dislike the chaos. I am tired of it. I think he is self-destructive. I think his tweets do more harm than good. I think he is more divisive than he should be. I think he has been dogmatic on policies that will be economically harmful. I think he has emboldened some awful elements of our society. I think a small portion of his supporters are nasty people who relish conspiracies to explain the world because they’d otherwise have to admit they failed at life and they suddenly feel at large and in charge. I think he relies on a bunch of huckster, grifters, and blue haired charlatans who give him advice because they want to stand in his shadow but not necessarily help him succeed. I think if he said tomorrow that he had made America great again and was passing things off to Pence, we would be in a better place. I am sympathetic to the Republicans who have told me they are tired of the drama and want to move on.

But then I think about this video and I remind myself this is a two way street. The reality is that the offerings from this presidency are largely normal even if the President’s behavior is not. But more so, this is not just about the President. The media has been relentlessly amplifying chaos, division, and more. We’re in a satanic feedback loop of jackassery in Washington fueled with a bunch of thin skinned people and the President is not the cause of it. If President Pence were there instead of President Trump, we’d have the media attacking him for his wife’s career choice and pushing fake racist attacks on him. Oh wait! They already are.

Then there is the intelligence community, which has given the President every reason to think he has to rely on dimwitted geriatrics like Giuliani — a man getting a divorce because his wife hid the remote control. But at least he didn’t run to Adam Schiff to tip him off and coordinate an attack. At least he didn’t leak transcripts and other matters to embarrass the President. He’s very likely going to cause the President to get impeached, but he’s not maliciously intent on bringing down the Presidency. He’s just going to bring it down through stupidity and bad advice. As an aside, birds of a feather flock together and lecherous old adulterers do too.

Had the American media been honest and fair over the past decade, we would not be here now. We would not have this President. We would not have this news cycle. We would not have this impeachment battle. To the extent President Trump is something people view as chaotic and bad, he is a reflection of something in society that is also reflected in the talking heads in the media and the screaming crowds on Twitter. He is nothing more and nothing less. The only difference is that this President is more honest than a press corps that cannot even admit its biases.

Ultimately, this administration is not really outside the mainstream policy wise except on their foolish and economically disastrous tariffs.

Put it to you this way — just a few weeks ago Democrats and their friends in the press would have you believe the United States was running concentration camps. Today? It’s all call transcripts. Screw the concentration camps, they’ve got a Schiff show to coordinate!

I take seriously that there is real truth. I think we have an obligation to find it. I am willing to take the subtweets from friends because I don’t agree with their twisting of truth and pushing of conspiracy. I don’t think I am getting the truth from either side. There are a handful of reporters who I trust way more than most of the voices defending the President. There are too many conservatives weaving conspiracy theories and too many reporters decrying things as conspiracy that are not.

I’ll move slowly. I will pay attention to the voices of credible, diligent journalists and mature, responsible voices including, yes, the Attorney General. If I think the President has committed an impeachable offense, I’ll wrest myself off the bull in the china shop into the shards of glass and broken china. But I’m not there. I don’t know that I will get there. And I don’t think the media and Democrats have enough good will with people to convince most people even if they were to convince me. The President should stay off Twitter, but he can do so assured he is blessed with idiots for enemies. And he can keep himself up at night knowing Rudy is an idiot too.


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