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Hold Your Horses: No Need to Have Beef with Red Meat

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Per a new peer-reviewed study, scientists found that cutting back on red meat consumption wouldn’t have a huge impact on one’s health.

A study jointly released by McMaster and Dalhousie universities, out in Science Daily yesterday, found that international scientists have “systematically reviewed the evidence” and “have recommended that most adults should continue to eat their current levels of red and processed meat.”

Wow. Here’s more from the findings:

The researchers performed four systematic reviews focused on randomized controlled trials and observational studies looking at the impact of red meat and processed meat consumption on cardiometabolic and cancer outcomes.

In one review of 12 trials with 54,000 people, the researchers did not find statistically significant or an important association between meat consumption and the risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

In three systematic reviews of cohort studies following millions of people, a very small reduction in risk among those who had three fewer servings of red or processed meat a week, but the association was uncertain.

The authors also did a fifth systematic review looking at people’s attitudes and health-related values around eating red and processed meats. They found people eat meat because they see it as healthy, they like the taste and they are reluctant to change their diet.

The five systematic reviews, a recommendation and an editorial on the topic were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine today.

That greatly contrasts with this article. Yikes.

Now if only Democrats running for president got the memo… #HandsOffOurMeat.


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