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The Stunning Obliviousness of the College Climate Cult

Sometimes an image, or a series of images, say it all. That was exactly the case with this mindless announcement from the College Democrats of Central College regarding the recently conducted “global climate protest”:

It’s become largely fruitless to try to hold any serious policy discussion with the left on this issue. If you doubt the wisdom of their proposals, if you press them on the demonstrable non-reliability of their assumptions, if you question the efficacy of their suggestions to, for instance ban the internal combustion engine, if you call out the duplicity of their effort to deny the third world the opportunity to lift itself out of poverty through industrialization, they’ll reflexively  label you a “denier,” and dispatch a horde of teenage and college-aged techno-bullies to silence you.

So rather than even try to engage in good faith what has unquestionably become a religious climate cult these days, the most effective strategy for normal people is to point out whenever it is possible how these activists on the left don’t even believe their own hysteria. And pictures like the one put out by these college Democrats are extremely helpful in that regard.

Leaving aside the most glaring hypocrisy of all – them loading carbon-belching busses to transport them in a cloud of exhaust and emissions straight to the climate rally – just look at what is clearly visible in these pictures:

  • Crayons (petroleum-based)
  • Cell phones made from crude oil-based plastics
  • Nail polish (petroleum-based)
  • Ballpoint pens (petroleum-based)
  • Folding wooden tables (petroleum-based)
  • Sliding wooden doors (petroleum-based)
  • T-shirts and shorts (petroleum-based)
  • Highlighters (petroleum-based)
  • Cardboard (petroleum-based)
  • Disposable coffee cups (petroleum-based)

Is it as galling as Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and all the other titans of Global Warming, Inc. jetting around the world on private planes, staying in one of their many homes, changing absolutely nothing about their lifestyle while demanding that poverty-stricken Africans not be given the opportunity to develop an industrialized way of life? No.

I’m not into intellect-shaming, but the lack of self-awareness and even elementary grasp on the degree of blessing fossil-fuel based energy brings to our lives is bordering on criminal. In light of that, skipping a day of school for this “protest” doesn’t seem like the wisest of moves.


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