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Review: ‘How to Succeed in Politics (And Other Forms of Devil Worship)’

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

There are many rewards and downsides to working in politics.

If one isn’t careful, they can experience many of the latter’s ruinous effects in the quest for success.

In How to Succeed in Politics (And Other Forms of Devil Worship), bestselling Amazon author Remso W. Martinez offers readers a dark glimpse into the harsh realities of politicking—albeit with a comedic edge.

Martinez, who works for Washington Times, cleverly weaves the story of a fictional Virginia political operative, Art Brown, with the late Democrat presidential candidate and former Alabama Governor George C. Wallace. The former is a bright-eyed young activist who works for conservative causes and candidates while the latter was a segregationist who gaslit his opponents and was influenced by dark forces in his mission to obtain power.

Art is a political operative who comes to politics on his own accord, only to realize its sheer disappointments. Throughout his forays in different milestones and failures, the protagonist encounters Satan Nixon along the way—a more lifelike shoulder devil.

This pairing of their two stories highlights the dark side of working in politics: the many temptations, the so-called allure, the betrayals, the empty promises of prestige, and desperate measures people resort to. All to stay relevant or gain power, among many things.

If you’re lucky to come out unscathed, as some of us have, consider yourself lucky. Yet, many political operatives have been exposed to the harsh realities of the lifestyle entailed in this so-called profession—especially at the expense of maintaining one’s health and caring for important things in life.

The author captures these sentiments well, largely drawing from his own experiences and observations along his political journey. Martinez previously authored the memoir Stay Away from the Libertarians!, which landed on the number 10 spot on the Amazon Bestsellers List for Political Satire.

If you’re looking for a good read, I definitely recommend How to Succeed in Politics.

The author of this piece previously worked with Martinez in promoting his first book, Stay Away from the Libertarians!


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