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You Do Understand This Ends in Violence and War, Right?

Elizabeth Warren says the United States needs to scrap the electoral college and respect democracy. She says other countries respect majority rule and we need to too.

The New York Times says our constitutional systems are designed to prop up slavery. The very founding of this nation was about slavery and the revolution and everything thereafter is premised on it.

Beto O’Rourke echoes this and says Congress is too scared to confiscate guns.

Environmentalists say the world is going to end in a decade and we’re all going to die.

Scientists say we are killing billions of birds.

Industrial giants want windmills to replace fossil fuel and those windmills kill more birds.

Democrats blame Republicans for doing nothing on guns and fossil fuels.

The system is illegitimate and cannot be amended.

The systems under which we vote are undemocratic scams where minority votes are suppressed.

Because of the systems, only inaction is possible in an illegitimate democracy.

This all ends in upheaval and those who stand in the way are going to be punished.

If the government, the constitution, and the systems those put in place are bad, then there is no reason to honor them. If there is no reason to honor them, but they stand in the way and the judges will stop people, there is no reason to honor the judges. If the police enforce what the judges order, there is no reason to respect the police.

Then there is violence.

I’m old enough to remember when the media said conservatives were undermining faith in the federal government and that was wrong. Now the media is helping Democrats do it. It will end badly for them and a lot of other people too.


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