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Ulrich Klopfer and Kermit Gosnell Are No More Evil Than Every Other Abortionist

That any given abortionist lacks the macabre quirks of Gosnell and Klopfer doesn’t make them any less a serial killer.
by James Silberman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

The story of thousands of corpses being discovered in the home of recently deceased former abortionist Ulrich Klopfer is a wakeup call. The story of Kermit Gosnell snipping the necks of babies outside the womb was a wakeup call. They’re wakeup calls because there’s something unique about these cases – most abortionists only commit murder inside the womb and most don’t keep corpses as trophies.

However, that any given abortionist lacks the macabre quirks of Gosnell and Klopfer doesn’t make them any less a serial killer.

This exact point was made by Gosnell’s lawyers. The prosecutors brought an abortionist to the stand to testify against Gosnell. The abortionist explained that she would never actively murder a baby outside the womb and that doing such is unacceptable. She was likely happy for the opportunity to distance herself and her colleagues from Gosnell.

Gosnell’s attorneys, during cross examination, asked the abortionist about her procedures for babies who survive an abortion attempt. The abortionist explained that she’d leave the baby on the table until he or she died. Gosnell’s attorney responded by posing the question to the jury of whether Gosnell’s treatment of babies outside the womb was more ethical than the standard abortionist.

Gosnell’s defense had a point. There’s no morally significant difference between Gosnell and any other abortionist and the same goes for Ulrich Klopfer. Murder is murder. When we react with more disgust at Klopfer and Gosnell than we do for the hundreds of other serial killers operating in the various states, we play directly into the abortion lobby’s hands. At that point, we’re not expressing outrage at abortion – we’re expressing outrage at violated abortion regulations.

The principle was explained superbly by Sam Riley in The Federalist following the passage of New York’s new abortion law earlier this year.

When we call late-term abortion “extreme,” we imply that there is a more moderate abortion position, something more palatable for a just society. But can we really believe that abortion is ever more acceptable? Sure, a later abortion might involve more blood and gore, but it’s unreasonable and immoral to say that filling a bucket with blood is worse than filling a cup or a petri dish with it in the process of killing an innocent human being…

Killing human beings is never moderate. It is always extremism. So be angry that New York aborts small babies, but be angrier that New York and your entire country allows the abortion of any babies.

We have to stop treating certain abortions and certain abortionists differently than others. It’s all murder. They’re all serial killers. Be angry that Ulrich Klopfer kept 2,246 corpses in his house, but be angrier that the state-approved abortionist near you murders hundreds and sometimes thousands of image-bearers of God annually with the full approval of the state.

Immediate, Not Gradual Abolition of Abortion


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