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Voices We’d Be Better Off Ignoring: Bishop Talbert Swan

It’s fair to say that justice was anything but served recently in Warren County, Ohio.  There, just days ago, a 20-year-old woman named Brooke Skylar Richardson was cleared of murder and manslaughter charges brought against her for the death of her newborn baby that she secretly buried in her parents’ backyard.

It’s as horrific as it sounds:

  • She got pregnant her senior year of high school
  • Since the father was someone other than her boyfriend, she told no one
  • She delivered her baby girl at her home
  • She claims the baby was stillborn and she cradled her for many hours before secretly burying her
  • Prosecutors presented evidence that the baby girl was not stillborn, but rather born alive and either actively or passively murdered
  • Far from grieving the death, just days after the horrific experience, Richardson was texting people bragging about how she was getting her “belly back” and was going to look better than ever
  • Jury found her not guilty of murder, and she ended up convicted only of “gross abuse of a corpse”

And it was as I was reading various conservative voices condemning this miscarriage of justice that I came across a most confusing tweet from leftwing activist Talbert Swan:

Sitting in judgment of someone’s Christianity may seem a bit untoward for a Bishop. But any time spent on Swan’s timeline reveals it’s nothing out of the ordinary for him.  Still, while I get that Talbert isn’t exactly the epitome of a sane or rational voice in our cultural dialogue, while I understand he’s a flamethrower and provocateur by trade, this take was downright clownish even by his standards. After all,

  1. From Live Action to Matt Walsh, Allie Beth Stuckey to The Blaze, to countless other individual pro-life voices, Swan’s accusatory statement was demonstrably false.
  2. Is Mr. Swan actually upset that pro-life people object to the killing of black babies?  That seems something odd to be angry about, doesn’t it?
  3. Swan seems to not fully grasp that she was “acquitted” because of lack of evidence, not because she was white.

Truthfully, what is the most perplexing thing about Swan’s tweet is its target. Assuming Brooke murdered her full-term baby, aren’t her actions precisely what “pro-choice” activists promote and defend as a “moral right” up until the very moment of birth?  Why is Talbert Swan calling on anyone to condemn her actions when every leading presidential candidate for the political party Swan supports believes her actions constitute a female’s fundamental privilege?

Call me crazy, but when an innocent baby is murdered by her mother, shouldn’t the reaction of a so-called Bishop be to grieve it rather than find a way to politically exploit it?


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