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Never Forget

This is the timeline of major events that happened 18 years ago today.

7:59 am – Flight 11 takes off from Boston

8:15 am – Flight 175 takes off from Boston

8:20 am – Flight 77 takes off – Dulles to LA

8:42 am – Flight 93 takes off from Newark

8:46 am – Flight 11 hits the WTC North Tower

9:03 am – Flight 175 hits the WTC South Tower

9:37 am – Flight 77 hits the Pentagon

9:42 am – All U.S. flights grounded 

9:59 am – South Tower collapses

10:03 am – Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville, PA

10:28 am – North Tower collapses

12:16 pm – All U.S. airspace closed

These are the names on the 9/11 Memorial of the nearly 3,000 victims.

Never forget.


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