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FRANKEL: Meet Jayne Zirkle, the Latest Student Shunned for Being a Conservative

A school should, by definition, be a place of learning and critical thought. However, over the last century, starting with intellectuals such as John Dewey and Woodrow Wilson and only made worse by teachers’ unions and university tenure, the American education system has been increasingly veering into Leftism. Sadly, this has caused the schools to become bastions of Leftism and in many cases, they have done their best to crowd out any dissenting voices that do not adhere to the progressive worldview.

The Leftist education system has taken many scalps, and conservatives are left with the conundrum of whether to sacrifice their values or their grades. For example, The Federalist reported in May:

Conservative students enter college with higher SAT scores and GPAs than liberal students, but by the fourth year of college have lower GPAs than liberal peers, which may be a consequence of institutional bias, finds a new working paper from the University of Arkansas.

As well, the College Fix polled 1,000 Republican and Republican-leaning college students and found that 73 percent wouldn’t share their views due to fear of their grades suffering.

Conformity is a central tenet to Leftism, which makes the Leftist’s supposed value of “tolerance” a complete lie. The Leftist will claim to be open-minded and tolerant, but ironically will only tolerate what kowtows to the progressive worldview.

Which brings us to Jane Zirkle, a high-school student at Washington DC’s School Without Walls, also known colloquially as “Walls.” As a Trump supporter, she has been harassed and bullied since 2016, when she campaigned for the now-President, and the harassment got to the point where she cannot return to school out of fear for her safety. 

As Zirkle told the Resurgent:

In 2016, I campaigned for Trump, and there’s a picture of me in Trump merchandise when you google my name. When I entered my freshmen year at School Without Walls, students found the picture and started bullying me. The bullying was verbal, online, and affected my relationships with teachers and my grades. Now, as I’m about to start senior year, I posted a YouTube video detailing my story. Students found that and started harassing me all over social media. This led to police reports and me having to leave the school because it was unsafe for me to return. The school has not been dealing with it appropriately and has basically left me without resources to continue with my education. They promised to send an online program to me and never did, and they also have not been communicating about an agreement regarding my safety. The superintendent threatened to mark me truant, as well.

Zirkle appeared on One America News Network to share her story as well:

The American Thinker has also reported that the school’s principal, Richard Trogisch, is a Leftist activist who, in 2012, marched with his Walls students in support of Trayvon Martin. Regrettably, the Leftist bias that clouds Trogisch’s thinking has led him to a decision to take no action to help Zirkle’s safety.

So much for a political movement that constantly claims to disavow hate.

No student, no matter their political views, should ever be treated this way. And our political biases should never allow us to put someone in harm’s way. If we continue as a country to keep to our tribalism in lieu of common decency, we don’t deserve a country at all.


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