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I Would Believe in Climate Change If Its Church Wasn’t So Judgey

The Christian Bible proclaims that man is the steward of the Earth, because we possess the image of God, and that we can, together, accomplish anything. We can think our way out of whatever problems we have. But the Church of Climate Change proclaims that we--mankind--are the problem.

The same people who push Climate Change with a religious fervor I only wish half the churches in Atlanta possessed, also hate anything Christian because they don’t believe the Bible is true. Of course, no serious scholar would deny the existence of Jesus Christ as a historical figure. Neither would scholars deny the overwhelming documentation of the reliability of the textual Scriptures, or the historicity of the early Church.

Everything about Climate Change screams religion. It has its own commandments, apostles, and hucksters.

Most of the evangelical Climate Change adherents oppose the existence of God. They don’t just doubt it, they oppose it in a way that if God showed up, they’d kill him and hide the body. (Read Matthew in the New Testament.) But they’re also really judgey about their own Gospel.

Climate scientists like John Christy are shunned as heretics, not even worthy of having their hands shaken at conferences, because Christy’s research doesn’t yield the correct answer for them.

Michael Mann, Keeper of the Hockey Stick is an apostle of Climate Change. And Myles Allen, Praetor of Data Models is another. Whole denominations like the Union of Concerned Scientists dedicate themselves to the evangelism and defense of Climate Change. They urgently tell us:  repent now, not tomorrow, for the end is at hand.

Al Gore, the Holy Father of Climate Change, shows up in public at every gathering, flying in his greenhouse-gas-spewing private jet, burning thousands of pounds of fossil fuel an hour. He lives in a house where 500 Chinese or Indians could live, but doesn’t share it with them. Al Gore is an A-list hypocrite. He’s no different than the scammers who sell fake carbon scrubbers made from “Exotic Hydrogen” (that’s hydrogen harvested from the mouth of a volcano in the Azores).

Gen. Jim Mattis, a man I greatly respect, believes Climate Change is a national security issue. I agree. I really want to believe that the climate is changing. In fact, I’m sure that it is. I’m also sure that man, in some way, is responsible for it. Where I miss the light of the Climate Change Gospel is in the degree of our sovereignty over Earth, and the solution to our own redemption.

I think Climate Change is a national security issue because when other nations lose their minds and decide to decommission every nuclear power plant, or decide to pin their future on battery-powered cars when batteries are made of rare earth elements controlled by China (and hazardous to mine and dispose of), we need to deal with the broken societies that will result.

The climate is changing. The Rocky Mountains are also growing, and the Moon is slowly receding from Earth in its orbit. Geological and meteorological changes are like that–massive in scale, and from the viewpoint of a short human lifespan, they are immeasurable. Forces like El Nino, solar cycles, the obliquity of the Earth’s axis, the magnetic polarity of our planet, and the chemical balance of our oceans can be measured. These things also affect “weather,” which affects temperature and sea level and other things we associate with climate.

All the economic severity in the world–if humans stopped driving internal combustion engine cars; if we all became vegans; if we all lived in fetid hives without air conditioning or electricity–none of those things would change the inexorable changes in Earth’s climate, because humans can’t affect them.

That’s the problem with the judgey Church of Climate Change. It acts against human nature. We want to have things. We want to eat meat. Some don’t but that’s called liberty. At least Christianity recognizes the concept of liberty. The Climate Change church most decidedly does not.

In fact, they hate mankind. We are a curse upon the Earth. And I suppose Earth is a curse upon the universe, but that’s a different discussion. As much as Christianity demands faith in a superintending supreme being, at least it puts faith in mankind to act in accordance with that faith. The Bible does not say that man should force man to worship God. If the threat of Hell is not enough (and it isn’t, read about Lazarus and the Rich Man), then no words of man would be enough to compel someone to faith.

But the Church of Climate Change believes that the whole planet is doomed if anyone has a choice. We must all believe or be expunged, lest the world can’t be saved. They don’t have any faith in man to solve problems.

The way mankind solves problems is by market inspiration and necessity. Does the Climate Change choir really believe that in 30 years, with computers doubling every few years (Moore’s Law), and advances like superconductivity, materials like Graphene (made from Carbon, one of the more available elements on our planet), and general acceptance of solar, nuclear, and maybe even fusion technologies won’t offer a better–and more comfortable–path to our pitiful race?

We don’t need to stop flying airplanes. We just need to make better airplanes. In fact, one study shows that over the long term (like 20 years), flying is actually greener than ground transportation. We don’t need to stop using air conditioning, we just need to use greener heating and cooling options.

We don’t need to stop eating meat, we just need to–well, eat healthier. That means eating less overall. I know, I know, that’s not a popular idea. But if you look at your toes (if you can see them), you know it’s true.

The Christian Bible proclaims that man is the steward of the Earth, because we possess the image of God, and that we can, together, accomplish anything. We can think our way out of whatever problems we have. But the Church of Climate Change proclaims that we–mankind–are the problem.

As religions go, one that says we are the problem is too judgey for me. I’m sorry, but I am not going to submit to the panic-stricken evangelical cries of “repent and destroy yourself!” that is the worship hymn of the Church of Climate Change.

Perhaps, those singing from that hymnbook might benefit from their own exploration of the claims of Christianity. I can guarantee that as hot as our planet might get, Hell is going to be hotter.


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