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Are Children Born Into Difficult Circumstances Better Off Dead?

by James Silberman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Perhaps the most obviously nefarious of pro-abortion arguments is the idea that abortion is necessary as a compassionate alternative to allowing people to live in less-than-ideal circumstances. There are few better at exposing pro-choice stupidity and wickedness than Canadian abolitionist Laura Klassen and the organization Choice42.

Better Off Dead

"We kill them because we care." #JustSaying #BetterOffDead

Posted by Laura Klassen on Thursday, August 22, 2019

What is the little boy or girl with down syndrome supposed to think about him or herself when ghouls like Ruth Marcus write in one of the world’s most prominent publications that she would murder her child if her child had down syndrome?

While doing anti-abortion outreach on the campus of a California University, a former coworker and roommate of mine came face-to-face with one of these “hard cases” abortion supporters use to justify abortion when a young woman approached him and asked what he thought about abortion in the case of rape.

My roommate explained to her that it’s unacceptable to put a child to death for sins of his or her father, and that abortion and rape are wrong for the same reasons – they’re both an act of violent aggression upon an innocent image-bearer of God.

The young woman broke down in tears. “I was conceived in rape,” she explained. “When people say that abortion is okay in the case of rape, what I hear is that I shouldn’t be here and that my life is less valuable.”

Every one of these hard cases that we talk about that supposedly justify abortion has a face. Every one of them is a human being who the pro-choice, and often the pro-life person is saying it’s okay to murder.

Abortion must be abolished, as must the shameful and contemptible idea that it’s morally acceptable to be anti-abortion with exceptions.


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