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No More Funding Virtue Signaling Governors

It is really time for the federal government to stop bailing out blue state Governors who create a mess and then can’t fix it. I do not think the federal government is responsible for California’s homelessness problem. I don’t think the SALT cap should be removed to stop wealthy residents of New York from fleeing to Florida. Today I sincerely believe the Governor of Maine should be left to boil in the pot of soup she made herself.

Democrat Janet Mills took office in January of this year as Governor of the state of Maine. Since taking office, she has:

  • Thrown the door of her state open to asylum seekers
  • Made asylum seekers eligible for state welfare benefits
  • Allowed her state to join a lawsuit opposing the Trump administration’s public charge rule

So the Governor is using taxpayer dollars to support the hundreds of asylum seekers that flooded into her state and fight a rule that doesn’t even apply to asylum seekers. Talk about throwing good money after bad.

As if this is not enough, the stats compiled by are even worse. The state is financially strapped with $6.4 billion assets and $9.9 billion in liabilities. Unemployment in the state is higher than neighboring states and the workforce participation is lower than the national average. While the state has to find housing for the migrants, local news found 18,000 citizens on the waiting list for subsidized housing.

Seems like quite a mess. However, as any good Democrat would, Governor Mills wants FEMA funds to handle the crisis created by her own policies. How about no.

Mills decided to provide benefits to asylum seekers. She decided to have an open-door policy for asylum seekers. It is her administration that is putting the needs of the migrants ahead of her own citizens. Enough is enough.

Until the people who vote for the officials who promise rainbows and unicorns understand the consequences of the policies they create, nothing is going to change. Our federal budget is already out of control and the last thing we need to be doing is subsidizing irresponsibility at the state level.

It is not just the Democratic contenders for the nomination that are putting the needs of people crossing our border ahead of citizens. It is also happening at the state level and much closer to home. Leaders like Janet Mills are helping to create a permanent underclass in this country by writing checks with their mouths that their communities can’t cash.

Maine does not have available jobs for these asylum seekers. They are now committed to maintaining them on public support. The people of Maine should decide how to deal with these realities. Without a federal emergency spigot. And Governor Mills should deal with the electoral consequences of her policies.


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