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Will the Real Kamala Harris Please Stand Up?

Mitch Mc Connell made news when his campaign website sold flip-flops to mock his opponent’s reversal on her stance regarding Justice Kavanaugh. More than one commentator has noted Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has held just about every position on every issue in her career. Why doesn’t Senator Kamala Harris get the same treatment?

At fundraisers in the Hamptons, Kamala Harris is now clinging to the “moderate” label, trying to position herself in Joe Biden’s lane as an alternative. From Bloomberg:

Harris has positioned herself as a moderate candidate in the Democratic spectrum that can appeal both to the wealthy and the working class, attendees said. Even in the backyards of the millionaires, Harris’s message remained the same as in rural Iowa. She continued to push her ‘ 3 A.M. agenda,” by which she means the issues that keep middle-class Americans up at night.

“I believe in capitalism, but capitalism is not working for most people,” Harris said on the patio steps of the Patricof house, looking out at a peach orchard among flower and herb beds. She said she recognized people who’ve become successful by working hard and following rules, but that the middle class needs help.

Harris again tried to clarify her stance on health care, a topic that tripped her up in the early Democratic debates. “I have not been comfortable with Bernie’s plan,” she said of Sanders’ Medicare for All proposal, which she signed on as a co-sponsor when it was introduced. She explained how a Harris administration would leave room for private insurance.

Are you kidding me? It does not seem this woman has held a position on anything in her campaign for more than a minute. She came out of the gate trying to appeal to the social justice crowd. Then found that lane clogged with Sanders and Warren vying for Most Popular Communist. So she has put on her signal and is trying to ease into the Biden lane.

Harris was an early supporter of the Green New Deal. The same deal that AOC’s former Cheif of Staff Saikat Chakrabarti and activist Sean McElwee have said is more about socialism than the environment. How do you support a plan that essentially takes over the energy sector, provides a federal jobs guarantee along with Medicare for All and free college tuition and call yourself a capitalist? Or even say you believe in capitalism?

Then, as the article notes, she has been a complete disaster explaining her position on Medicare for All. She co-sponsored the legislation put forth by Senator Bernie Sanders. His bill calls for the elimination of private insurance. She then reiterated that position in a town hall with CNN’s Jake Tapper. As of a week ago, she still tripped over herself in an interview with Chuck Todd.

Now she’s got some whacky idea about eliminating private health insurance over 10 years. Note, just like Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax, the completion of her plan would not become reality until she was out of office. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of her idea.

In the first debate, it was forced bussing. To “sort of” call Joe Biden a racist, she brought up his vote against the practice decades ago. After the debate, she said the federal government had a role. Then in a matter of three days, she walked it back and said the practice should be left up to local school districts.

Perhaps most startling is her apparent willingness to use Executive power to pass her agenda. When talking about her first 100 days she has mentioned gun laws, the ERA, and the pharmaceutical industry as potential targets. Even Barack Obama was not this bold running in 2008.

It sounds like she will use the power of her office to punish her ideological opponents if she can’t get her preferred policies through Congress. Maybe she thinks it sounds tough when in reality it is just authoritarian. It also gives credence to the challenges posed by Representative Tulsi Gabbard during the last debate. She is a prosecutor at heart and will use the power of any office she holds to enforce her will.

In struggling to find an open lane, Harris just appears wildly inconsistent. At times she seems confused by her own healthcare proposal. Most disturbing is her authoritarian streak and affection for Executive Orders. At this point, I just wonder if she has a consistent ideology to base a presidency on. With the constant flips and flops, it certainly doesn’t seem so.


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