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USA Today Hearts Sotomayor; Alito? Not So Much

It’s simply shocking how anyone could conclude that there is an inherent liberal media bias amongst mainstream publications.  There’s just no consistent, persistent evidence of such one-sidedness amongst journalism’s supposed elite. 

Take for instance, USA Today’s recent front-page headline describing a puff piece on Obama Supreme Court appointee Sonia Sotomayor:

“The People’s Justice: Supreme Court’s intrepid Sonia Sotomayor is liberal warrior on the bench and off.”

Reading the piece is a test of the internal fortitude of any rational person, as it is rife with recognizable bias. Of course, that much is clear from the title: being a “liberal warrior” makes her a woman “of the people” according to the paper. It’s the phony claptrap of, “If you care about people, you’ll have liberal politics.”

It made me wonder, what about justices on the right side of the political spectrum?  Do they get puff pieces too?  Hardly.  Consider that USA Today didn’t spill a single drop of ink on what had to be one of the most famous dismantlings of an attorney that any justice has ever performed.  Bantering about the Minnesota law that forbids wearing political clothing into a polling place, Alito cut through the heart of the issue fairly effectively.  

“How about a shirt with a rainbow flag? Would that be permitted?” Alito said, inquiring what type of clothing would be permitted under the law.

The attorney responded: “A shirt with a rainbow flag? No, It would — yes, it would be — it would be permitted unless there was — unless there was an issue on the ballot that — that related somehow to gay rights.”

Alito then asked if a shirt that read “Parkland Strong” would be permitted under the law.

“No, that would — that would be — that would be allowed,” the attorney answered. “I think.”

“Even though gun control would very likely be an issue?” Alito shot back.

Moments later, Alito seemingly set a trap for the attorney, asking about the Second Amendment. “How about a shirt with the text of the Second Amendment?” the Supreme Court justice asked.

“Your honor… I think that could be viewed as political,” the attorney said.

Alito followed up with another question: “How about the First Amendment?”

There was laughter in the courtroom, according to the transcript, as it became clear what Alito was doing.

What he was doing was protecting the free speech and Bill of Rights from infringement.  He was guarding against the deprivation of rights to every American.  You know – the “people.”  Sadly Alito has the wrong ideology and was appointed by a President of the wrong party to get that kind of love.


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