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Living in a Material World

CNN echoes the Democrats in thinking you should be happy with less.

This here’s a jam for all the fellas, tryin’ to scope out that media bias. Trump’s on Twitter gettin’ overzealous, but the economy rocks and then Dems get jealous…

Apologies to Young MC for murdering his rap classic “Bust a Move,” but how else are you supposed to explain a headline like this at the top of CNN’s web page?

Materialistic? What exactly does that mean? Is Donald Trump bringing back the age of conspicuous consumption? Are we trading our stiff, muted colors for the bright pastels of Miami Vice? Is he the one responsible for the resurgence of high-cut jeans? No, according to the author it’s even more nefarious than all that:

President Donald Trump is not waiting for the economy to go south amid growing fears of a recession to wage what could be the defining fight of the 2020 election.

Trump is becoming increasingly nervous that the end of an 11-year expansion could scupper his hopes of a second term and is going on the attack as ill omens and recent stock market slumps haunt the global economy…

As he begins a bid to define the economy and hedge against a recession, Trump is testing a searing, materialistic message to voters who might spurn him if tougher times arrive…

“You have no choice but to vote for me, because (if) your 401(k)’s down the tubes, everything’s gonna be down the tubes,” Trump said in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday. “So whether you love me or hate me, you gotta vote for me.”

So, following this logic. . .if Trump’s message about keeping the economy and your 401(k) in good shape appeals to you, that makes you materialistic? As opposed to what? The millions of people across the fruited plain who want the economy to tank because unemployment will give them more time to dabble in cowboy poetry? All righty, then.

Ridiculous as this sounds, however, it’s still pretty consistent with the message that Democrats tried to sell throughout the eight years of anemic economic growth under Barack Obama. Granted, Obama had to deal with the effects of the 2008 Great Recession, and no President could have turned the economy around on a dime after that disaster; but the massive expansion of the regulatory state—featuring a trillion dollar non-stimulus, huge deficits with nothing to show for them, and the annexation of the health care sector under Obamacare—hung a yoke on the neck of the economy that all but guaranteed it would do little more than sputter. And do you remember the answer that Obama and his acolytes had for that?

Get used to it, because this is the new normal.

Gone were the years of rapid GDP expansion, right along with America’s position as the foremost economic power in the world. We were yesterday’s news, soon to be overtaken by more enlightened nations. Unemployment would remain chronically high, with millions more Americans becoming dependent on the federal government for assistance with everything from food stamps to job training. And the idea that the next generation would do even better than their parents? Best to get with the program, kiddies, because that ain’t happening.

In other words, the message Democrats sent us was this: Be satisfied with less, as that’s all you’re going to get.

Given a choice between so-called materialism and that kind of despair, I’ll take the materialism—and you can bet that I’m not the only one. Americans as a whole tend to be an optimistic sort, and most would rather believe that the country’s best days are still ahead of it, rather than some relic of the past for which we should all feel guilty. Going into 2020, though, the Democrats are determined to take the opposite view, casting the country as a terrible place rife with bigotry and oppression, whose salvation can be only be found through them. Need an example? How about this dweeb right here?

To be sure, Beto is a complete moron—and a desperate one, at that—so you have to cut him a little bit of slack for thinking this is a winning tactic. His message, alas, isn’t that different from the rest of the presidential wannabes, which their allies in the news media have also picked up and amplified. My guess is we’ll see a lot more of these stories as election season drags on, trying to browbeat voters into thinking they’re somehow selfish for wanting the boom times to keep booming.

Hopefully they’ll find that pessimism is a tougher sale after people have had a taste of the good life.


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