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New Group Aims to Educate American Youth On Socialism’s Deadly Footprint

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

A newly-formed group wants to tackle socialism and its stronghold on America’s youth today.

Young Americans Against Socialism (YAAS) launched yesterday, August 15th, to educate people about the ills of socialism through “creating viral educational videos for social media.”

The group wants to use social media to directly reach the 50% of millennials who have a favorable view of socialism. That’s an ambitious, yet challenging goal—but an endeavor worth pursuing.

The 501 (c)(3) organization is headed up by Morgan Zegers, a 22-year-old New York native and past Republican candidate for New York State Assembly. Zegers also ran Zegers Family Flags with her family before moving to Boston, Massachusetts, earlier this year.

CNN profiled her bid for office and said of her, “She’s 21, Republican and a woodworking pro.” VICE News also featured Zegers as part of their “She’s Running” docu-series.

YAAS’ goal is laid out here:

In order to combat this problem in our culture, Young Americans Against Socialism is bringing timely, interesting, but still educational info to where young Americans are most: social media. The videos YAAS produces take advantage of the emotional, personal stories of those that have been affected by the horrifying reality of socialism. Young people look at their phones an average of 70 times per day and will have no choice but to consume YAAS content that is shared onto their news feeds.

In a launch video that debuted yesterday, political refugees from Cuba and Venezuela—including Olympic shooter Gabby Franco—are prominently featured. These participants were interviewed to share their stories. Those are expected to debut in the comings days and weeks.

Here is their launch video:

As a daughter of Lithuanian immigrants who fled the Soviet Union, I’m excited to see what this new non-partisan group will deliver.

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Consider donating to them today here.


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