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ICE, Abrams and Incendiary Rhetoric

You better watch what you say, unless you’re a liberal Democrat.

Let me begin by stating flatly and without reservation that I’m a free speech absolutist. As constituted, our government does not and should not have any business policing what people say. Moreover, those who would presume tell us what speech is permissible are tyrannical at heart, and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. The answer to so-called “bad” speech is more speech—not granting the role of arbiter to some bureaucrat with all the personality deficiencies of a retired busybody heading up your homeowner’s association.

So when I say that people can say whatever they want to say, I mean it—knowing full well that freedom of expression doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. Quite the opposite, free speech is often messy, which is why it’s incumbent upon each of us to carefully consider what we say before opening out mouths and letting fly. We’ve been reminded of that a lot lately in the wake of the El Paso mass shooting, which the news media have used to browbeat Donald Trump over his tough rhetoric on immigration—and perhaps they raise a fair point, as far as it goes. But how then to explain that same media turning right around and allowing this sort of thing to go unchallenged?

Stacey Abrams is, of course, no stranger to stirring the pot with specious claims—after all, she hasn’t even conceded that she lost last year’s gubernatorial election, attributing Republican Brian Kemp’s victory to fraud and disenfranchisement of black voters. Now she’s out telling blacks that the GOP will be unleashing the police as some right-wing terror squad to keep them from voting. Not only that, she admonishes them to become an “army” in order to “stand up” against this injustice.

Call me crazy, but that sounds an awful lot like Abrams encouraging people to take up arms against the police—at least when you apply the same narrow standard the media applies to Trump’s immigration talk. At yet nobody on MSNBC seems all that concerned that Abram’s words will spill over into violence. Why is that?

Abrams, by the way, isn’t the only Democrat attempting to heighten racial tensions in an already volatile time. Here are Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, resurrecting an old lie and smearing an innocent man in the process:

No less than Eric Holder’s Department of Justice investigated the shooting and found zero evidence to support this claim. In fact, both eyewitness testimony and DNA evidence confirmed Officer Darren Wilson’s story that Brown attacked him and tried to grab his service weapon. It’s entirely possible that Wilson could have a libel case against Warren and Harris should he choose to pursue one—but somehow none of the luminaries in the media, who are so attuned to Donald Trump’s provocative tweets, have anything to say about this.

That’s really quite amazing, given that there is ample evidence of left-wing rhetoric leading directly to actual violence. The near-murder of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise along with several other members of the GOP caucus two years ago is a prime example; but there has also been a recent spate of attacks against ICE facilities, which when taken together point to a disturbing trend:

This, in the wake of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declaring that ICE is running concentration camps on the border—rhetoric that the Tacoma shooter quoted directly in his manifesto, along with pleading his allegiance to Antifa. That terrorist organization, by the way, celebrated the shooter as a “martyr” to their cause, and exhorted others to follow his example.

But still no freakout on the part of the media over a rising tide of open-borders violence. That sort of thing, it would seem, is reserved only for white supremacists.

That’s all the more reason for anyone to be skeptical of whatever the media have to say on the subject of incendiary rhetoric. When they call it out only if it emanates from the Right, all while ignoring or actively encouraging it when it comes from the Left, their concerns have nothing to do with saving lives. It’s politics, pure and simple—a tactic to get conservatives to shut up and grease the skids for their candidates in the 2020 election.

Don’t fall for it.


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