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Don’t Call Me Fredo

Tough guy Chris Cuomo goes to the mattresses with a heckler.

Bada-bing, bada-boom. And that’s how you handle a guy who disrespects the family.

No, I’m not referring to the Corleones. I’m talkin’ ‘bout the Cuomos—Chris Cuomo, to be exact, scion of Mario the Pious, the late former governor of the state of New York. He works for CNN now hosting Cuomo Prime Time, but don’t let that cushy anchorman chair make you think he’s gone soft. Cross him, and you just might find yourself getting fitted for a pine overcoat.

Wait, why are you laughing? We got the proof right here!

Sorry ‘bout the language folks, but when you hang with the wiseguys, you gotta talk the talk, knowhatimean? Besides, you get what you get when you call Chris “Il Pagliaccio” Cuomo freakin’ Fredo!

I especially liked this part:

Punk ass b*tches from the right call me “Fredo.” My name is Chris Cuomo, I’m an anchor on CNN!

Say what you will about Michael Corleone, but at least he never had to remind anybody about who he was. And just in case anybody misunderstood how deeply offensive this insult is to Italians, Cuomo made things very clear:

Fredo is from The Godfather. He was a weak brother and the use of it to an Italian is disparaging,

As if the aforementioned term “b*tch” isn’t disparaging to women? Oh, well. When Cuomo gets on a roll, it’s just best to let him finish—like when he doubled-down with this pearl of wisdom:

Any of you Italian? It’s an insult to your f*ckin’ people. It’s like the n-word for us.

Well, not reaaalllly. It’s actually used to describe someone you don’t think is very bright—which Cuomo oughta know, seeing as it happens on his own show from time to time.

So I guess it must be Cuomo’s position that he allows guests on his show to use the equivalent of the n-word—so long as this vile language is directed against someone he doesn’t like.

CNN, naturally, rose to the defense of its anchor, stating, “Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur [emphasis added] in an orchestrated setup. We completely support him.” An ethnic slur, by the way, that they were completely okay with prior to yesterday, when they redefined “Fredo” to excuse an employee’s bad behavior in the heat of the moment.

And to think that CNN has a credibility problem.

Speaking of which, one is left to wonder if CNN would be so forgiving had a rival news personality gone off the deep end in public like Cuomo did. Or, as Stephen Miller succinctly put it:

For this part, though, Hannity has actually come out in support of Cuomo.

One gets the feeling that Hannity said this because he’s used to being harassed in public for his position on Fox News, not to mention his his unwavering support for Donald Trump. Something tells me, though, that if Hannity or Tucker Carlson had been confronted by some left-wing troll and exploded like Cuomo did, the CNN anchor wouldn’t be nearly as generous. More likely, he would be piling on the criticism along with the rest of the gotcha media.

My two cents? Cuomo shouldn’t have to put up with hecklers accosting him while he’s out with family trying to have a good time. Then again, neither should the likes of Ted Cruz or Sarah Huckabee Sanders—even though the Left thinks that it’s perfectly okay to hound them out of restaurants, all while the media collectively yawn. If Cuomo doesn’t like being subject to this kind of treatment, he just might want to reconsider his part in making it the new normal.

Otherwise, fuggedaboutit.


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