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Biden on guns, Part II

And now for the second part of Biden’s NYT op-ed.

Biden’s gun control op-ed continued by stressing just how important he believed the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban was. He also lamented the fact that the ’94 ban was the last meaningful gun control legislation that was passed into law, blaming, you guessed it, the NRA and the “headlock” it put on Republicans.

As stated in my previous post, the results of the ban were muddled at best and Biden knows this. That is why he both believes that a new ban should be enacted and that it should be stronger the second time around.

Biden asserts that he fought hard in the Senate in 2004 to prevent the ban from ever lapsing. We can all tell how that worked out. Citizens made their wishes known, not just the NRA.

The next section Biden tries to support his premise by citing three different articles. Or are they? One of the links in his article sends a person to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, an extremely partisan gun control group. The link also provides “stats” to back up a ban of assault weapons. A deeper dive of their data doesn’t provide the support that it appears to at first glance.

The other two links seem to support to Biden’s argument. One is titled “Changes in US mass shooting deaths associated with the 1994–2004 federal assault weapons ban: Analysis of open-source data” and the other is titled “Changes in US mass shooting deaths associated with the 1994-2004 federal assault weapons ban: Analysis of open-source data”. Oddly, the two articles are exactly the same.

And you don’t have to go very far to find that the authors of the article got their supporting data from “three well-documented, referenced, and open-source sets of data, based on media reports”, which doesn’t sound all that solid.

Biden states that this “overwhelming data” supports his claim for a renewed ban. Looking at his sources, I just don’t buy it.

His secondary target seems to be large capacity magazines, which in Democrat speak means anything able to hold over ten rounds. Why the Left believes smaller magazines would prevent more deaths is beyond me. Any person can gain proficiency in magazine swaps, regardless of the size. And why would they stop at ten round magazines? They are debating now on that hard 10 round limit but there is no reasonable expectation that they wouldn’t try to limit magazines in the future to five, or two, or one.

In the next paragraph, Biden trots out another Leftist attack on guns: that an AR style rifle is a weapon of war. No army uses an AR style rifle. By why let facts get in the way? Because the Left believes that those who support gun rights care more about “campaign coffers than children in coffins”, a bald-faced lie. We support gun rights to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Then comes Biden’s final pitch:

If I am elected president, we’re going to pass them again — and this time, we’ll make them even stronger. We’re going to stop gun manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor modifications to their products — modifications that leave them just as deadly. And this time, we’re going to pair it with a buyback program to get as many assault weapons off our streets as possible as quickly as possible.

Gun buybacks don’t work in the United States. They haven’t been successful enough to warrant a federal buyback program. And we all understand that buyback is a cover term for a total ban and the eventual confiscation that the Left truly wants.

Then his next step is universal background checks. More and more often, mass shooters are passing background checks to purchase firearms. So, what would “universal” background checks accomplish? Keeping people from buying firearms online? Any online purchases must be shipped to an FFL and a background check accomplished.

The gun show loophole? Only private sales are subject to background checks. Sellars at a gun show must conduct a background check. Not to mention, there are cases like the Charleston church shooter that passed a background check because there was an error in data provided to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Universal background checks would fail to do anything of substance.

Biden, and the Left, have presented no new ideas that would have affected any mass shooting. This is the type of drivel that they will continue to present to the American public and expect them to buy it. With the ramp-up to the 2020 election, we must be increasingly vigilant on the actions of not only the Left, but squishy Republicans who want to become friends with the Left.


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