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The Left Wants the Democrats to Hitch Their Wagon to AOC’s Star

We’ve heard for years how the GOP is a divided party, with factions of various stripes vying for power and influence. What’s become equally obvious over the past year or so is that the Democrats are just as divided.

The far left of the party has become the squeaky wheel, making the most noise and grabbing the ears of the umpteen presidential candidates, dragging most of them to the left. The best representative of this wing of the party is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is also arguably one of the catalysts of the Democrats’ leftward lurch.

On the other side stand (barely) more moderate Democrats. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, though still a committed progressive, is probably the best representative of these members of the party, even though her moderation most likely stems from the fact that she doesn’t have to stand on a presidential debate stage.

So if you’re a Democrat, which side do you choose? It seems like more and more Democrats are looking toward the AOC wing of the party. A recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal from Cenk Uygur is representative of this phenomenon.

Uygur leads off his editorial by decrying the call to unite behind the “Democratic establishment.”

When people say that Democrats should unify, the part they leave out is most important: Around what? Nearly everyone in Washington seems to assume that progressives should shut up, accept their place, and unify around the status quo.

Think about what an arrogant and preposterous request that is. Progressive leaders, including our representatives in Congress, should abandon all of our policy positions and sell out our voters to please the Democratic establishment. Saying “hell no” to that would be an enormous understatement.

Uygur claims instead that the most important goal of the Democratic party is to impeach President Trump, and he believes that Nancy Pelosi is the biggest force standing in the way of that goal.

There is not a single public official doing more to protect Mr. Trump than she is. Even Attorney General William Barr couldn’t stop an impeachment inquiry if he tried. The only person who has the power to seek justice against Mr. Trump steadfastly refuses to pursue him. The only thing Mrs. Pelosi appears to be resisting is holding Mr. Trump accountable.

Uygur states that Pelosi refuses to subject the president to impeachment proceedings because to do so would stand in the way of passing progressive policies. But in his eyes, Pelosi isn’t doing much about those policies herself.

So what’s the solution? Hitch the Democrats’ wagon to Ocasio-Cortez’ star, of course, and move further to the left. And Ugyur believes that most Democratic voters agree.

If the Democrats unify around anything, it should be around their voters, who clearly prefer the positions of Justice Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. If the pundits really believe in unity—as opposed to submission to the establishment—they will support the logical conclusion that the Democratic Party should unify around AOC, not Mrs. Pelosi.

There’s a part of me who wants to say, “Go ahead,” because the more the Democrats run to the left, the more they’re likely to turn potential voters off. But at the same time, part of me worries what would happen if these people gain power.

It’ll be interesting to see how the internecine squabbles among the Democrats will play out. I’ll just be sitting over here with my popcorn rooting for the best outcome.


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