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You better figure out how to stop mass shootings or you’ll lose your gun rights.

Whether through laws or corporate actions, the Left wants gun rights gone. And they’ll blame you for someone else’s evil acts.

It seems that after every mass shooting, the Left and gun control advocates shout “DO SOMETHING!”. The laws they propose will change nothing, when they even have one to propose. Now it appears that the Left is arguing that conservatives need to stop mass shootings in order to save gun rights.

Putting aside the fact that the only persons responsible for these reprehensible acts are the ones that committed them, a columnist at the Washington Post has made the determination that the worst ally for conservatives regarding gun rights is: the National Rifle Association.

Megan McArdle stated:

Every time there’s a mass shooting, the NRA rushes to suggest that the real problem is mental illness or violent video games or anything except guns. These claims have little evidence behind them, but of course that’s beside the point — the NRA just wants to say something that sounds vaguely plausible and doesn’t involve restricting guns. And that single-minded focus on simply avoiding gun restrictions has carried them to victory after victory.

She does admit that gun-control measures don’t accomplish their stated goals. But she also says that Americans don’t want Wal-Marts to become war zones. This is true. No one on either side of the gun debate want innocent people to become victims of this type of evil. But McArdle also argues that if there are more mass shootings in the future, the masses will begin to demand that the government remove guns from private citizens. As she writes:

Constitutions can be amended, or courts packed with judges who read them differently. Even seemingly impregnable political coalitions can be broken by the weight of enough dead bodies. So if the right is interested in keeping its guns, it needs to get even more interested in finding an alternative policy that will actually work for the country to keep men with guns from doing terrible things.

Now, McArdle doesn’t actually have a solution to the problem and she surely doesn’t have a firm grasp on how dearly Americans hold their rights. Her “solution” is to demand that the Right do something, which unfortunately some squishy Republicans seem poised to do. All it takes is the erosion of rights for government to take more control than it already has. And as we all know, once the government takes control of something, it never gives it back.


One area that the Left seems to be making headway in curbing gun rights is through corporate America. On the surface this relationship doesn’t make much sense. The progressives and the Left have railed against the evil corporations but are oddly at peace when corporations compete to be the most “woke”.

Between the calls of employees and outside groups, corporations such as Wal-Mart (gasp! Not evil, soulless Wal-Mart!), Starbucks, Amazon, and eBay have either banned the sale of firearms or taken them off the shelves. And that is only on the retail side of the corporate world. Citigroup and Bank of America have restricted relations with gun manufacturers and retailers.

While it is important to protect gun rights in the political arena, it is just as vital to keep an eye on what the business world is doing. Bills can be defeated in Congress but private companies have a free hand to do as they like, which includes no longer associating with companies that work in the firearm industry.


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